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All Clad Stainless 9 Piece Cookware Set

Updated on March 16, 2011

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All-Clad Metal Crafters is the “Mercedes” of stainless steel cookware. Their 9 Piece cookware set is popular for home “Chefs” because it contains the most common pieces at the most affordable price (Considering this is high end cookware). All Clad is manufactured in the United States.

All Clad’s 18/10 stainless steel cookware is not only a pleasure to cook with, but with its hand-polished mirror finish is a collection you can proudly display in the open. The stainless collection is dishwasher safe and works with all types of heating surfaces including induction cook tops.

The All-Clad stainless collection incorporates a 3-Ply bonded design incorporating an aluminum center core for even heat distribution. The magnetic stainless exterior assures compatibility with induction cook tops. The Stainless collection is the mainstream workhorse of fine home kitchens.

For an even better cooking experience consider the Copper Core series. The copper core is not compatible with induction cook tops. Top of the line Copper Core All Clad cookware is the ultimate in evenly distributed heat. The Copper Core series is 18/10 Stainless interior, and aluminum layer, then the copper layer, then another aluminum layer, then another 18/10 stainless steel layer.

If you have not cooked with high-end stainless steel cookware you are in for an entirely new experience. The biggest mistake home chefs make is underestimating the benefits of even heat distribution. If you are used to turning the burner way up… stop. Quality cookware is designed to work at low to medium settings. If you turn the heat up too high you’ll just burn your foods. You should also note that this is not non-stick. Non-stick coatings are potential sources of food contamination as the coating wears off. You need to learn to cook to use high end cookware.

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All-Clad recommends Bar Keepers Friend cleaner and polish.

All Clad Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

Made in the USA
Made in the USA


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