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All You Need To Know About Buying Wine

Updated on July 14, 2010

Wine is one of the finest drinks the world has to offer today. People drink it at parties and at dinners and at weddings – it’s become the drink of those with fine tastes. But buying wine can be confusing because there are multiple types and brands and it’s tough to really get into knowing what you need at first. There are four distinct types of wine that you’re able to choose a wine from. These include white wines, red wines, blush wines and dessert wines.

Red wines come in types like merlot, pinot noir, sauvignon and zinfandel and are most often are used with dinner. White wines are things like chardonnay or Riesling and go very well with lighter meals that are earlier in the day. Blush wines are typically used for picnics and don’t make very good dinner fare. And dessert wines – ports and Sherries for instance – are had with cakes or other dessert-type foods.

Now that the types of wines have been explained, it’s time to explain how to decide which one you need. When buying wine, most people hold to the “Three P’s” when making their choice of wine for an occasion. The first “P” in the equation stands for price which is often a determining factor when it comes to purchasing anything. You no longer have to spend $30 each time you want a good bottle of wine – there are plenty of choices available for $15.

The next “P” means preference – and preference is extremely important when picking out a wine that many people will be drinking. When throwing a party always remember that strong wines are an acquired taste and people unfamiliar with wines may find them to be too much. It’s a better idea to stick to the “softer” red wines like merlot or pinot noir just to make sure that everyone can drink it. And if you want a white wine instead, buy chardonnay or pinot blanc instead.

The last “P” stands for pairing which is maybe more important than anything because a bad wine can ruin an entire meal. That refers to whatever you’re going to be drinking the wine with – that meal you’re going to pair it with. For white wines you should pair it with lighter meals like fish or chicken but for red wines it should be heartier meals that involve red meat. Whatever you decide, following the “Three P’s” is a great procedure to follow when buying wines.


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