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All You Wanted To Know About Coffee

Updated on March 12, 2014
Courtesy of Simon
Courtesy of Simon

Am I addicted?


Is that bad?

It could be?

Will I ever quit?

I doubt it.

I Love Coffee

Do you?


Before I start this hub, I am hankering for a cup of joe; yes a cup of coffee; some of this magnificent Puerto Rican coffee we have in the cupboard. So before I tackle the chore of writing this hub, I am going to get up from this laptop and brew a batch of coffee.

Would you like some? Cream or sugar?

I'll be right back.

A markerEthiopia, Africa -
get directions

The Beginning

No one really knows for sure how coffee was actually discovered, but there are some basic facts, and from there, I have built a story in what I assume probably happened.

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia, Africa. The province was Kaffa. (see the map at the left). If you notice, it was quite near Arab lands.

Froggy's Theory

The camel had been traveling for days. The man on the back was tired and hungry. He still had some water left, but his food supply was gone. He still had many miles to travel; how would he do this?

A bush was near. He noticed a red shine and stopped the camel. When he approached the bush, he noticed some very nice looking berries. His stomach told him to eat. His mind wandered, wondering if he might die from poison. He looked again at the bush and saw a dove eating one of the berries. He knew that if a bird was willing and able to eat the berry, he could too. He started eating these red berries. They were very bitter and they had big seeds inside. He ate more, and loaded his purse with more. As he boarded his camel, he noticed he had an energy like never before.

Later, when he stopped; knowing he still had water, he decided to boil the berries. He drank the water and felt renewed.

He took the berries with him into Arab lands and soon grew rich as he sold the seeds to farmers. People everywhere loved the new drink from Kaffa, Ethiopia.

The World

Coffee spread throughout the world.

It has been treated as if it were gold or silver.

Pirates have stolen ships for the coffee. Merchants have locked away their coffee and left their jewels out in the open.

Because alcohol was prohibited in many Muslim nations, coffee became the drink of choice. Instead of bars, there were coffee houses.

Coffee became a staple of life all throughout the world. It still is.

Some will say it is bad for you, and others will say it is good for you. I will not respond to that because there is no proof either way.

Below is a table showing the 10 top coffee producing countries. Many may surprise you. Most of the coffee in the world is grown in close proximity to the equator. We will then consider where the best coffee comes from.

(click column header to sort results)
Pounds Exported  

The Process

Coffee production is not a simple process.

I have researched and interviewed some who have done it. You first have to pick the beans when they are ripe. The soaking process comes next. They then dry the beans, and last is the roasting. Roasting has to be done with the utmost care. You can ruin a batch of coffee beans by over roasting them.

Many have tried and many have failed. It takes the right touch to process coffee.

What is the best coffee?

On this question, I must admit, I am somewhat prejudiced. I will try to report this as evenly as I can, but I must first say that I love Puerto Rican coffees.

I have had the experience of brewing coffee during a two week power outage after a hurricane. I have chewed on the coffee berries high in the mountains in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

There is a brand of Puerto Rican coffee that I have really come to love. It is called El Coquí and if you can ever find any of it where you live, I highly recommend it. It is a bold and rich coffee that gives me the tingles.

For me it is the best coffee in the world. Below is a link to the El Coquí website if you would like to purchase direct. Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with them, but I should be.

Best Coffee By Price

Some people will pay more for coffee than they will for the food they eat.

In the next areas, we will look at the top 5 coffees chosen as best because of their price.

You will know where they are grown why people love them so.

#5 Fazenda Santa Ines

This coffee is grown in the mountains of Brazil.

It is grown in the old fashioned way and has been priced at nearly $50 a pound. Hand picked and no automation is used.

Those who have tasted this wonderful beverage claim it is sweet and has a caramel flavor.

#4 El Injerto

This great coffee is grown at the high altitudes of Guatemala.

in 2006, this was the coffee that took home the Coffee of Excellence Award.

You can probably get a pound of this coffee for around $50.

#3 St. Helena Coffee

Off the coast of Africa, you can find the island of St. Helena. Some of the best coffee in the world grows there.

Napoleon himself planted coffee seeds on this island.

You can get a pound for around $79. You know this is great coffee!

#2 Hacienda La Esmeralda

This coffee is grown under the shade of guava trees in the country of Panama.

The claim is, the guava trees intermingle with the coffee to provide a distinct sweet taste that puts this coffee at #2.

If you would like to try some of this great coffee get your checkbook out and be prepared to pay big money. At least $110 a pound. Just this last year, their supreme coffee broke a record at over $350 a pound.

#1 Luwak Coffee

Hmm, this coffee may make you feel a bit sick when you are educated on it.

It is grown in Indonesia and you can't have any until it is crap. Yep, that is right!

Until it is mongoose crap.

The way it works is: the mongoose has to eat the berry and when it craps the bean, it is roasted and sold to you at exorbitant prices.

So do you want to drink some mongoose crap. It will only cost you around $300 a pound. The link is at the right if you want some.

A bit more information

I could go on and on about coffee, but the cup I drank earlier is wearing off. I need to sleep.

I just have to tell you one thing.

For all of you that think expresso is the word; you are being laughed at.

Yes, it is made fast, but not express fast.

It is espresso, so get it right the next time you order one. By the way, most United States coffee shops don't even know what true espresso is.

Study up and teach your coffee person what true espresso is.


Did you learn something about coffee?

Can anyone tell me where it stands in the food pyramid?

A free cup of coffee to the winner.

Have a cup of joe and write another hub!

© 2014 Greg Boudonck


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