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All natural low calorie fruit cake

Updated on February 9, 2016

Fruity Fruity Cake

This is one my simple and quite easy recipe, I try for my family and myself. I am a diabetic, but that cannot stop me for tasting lot of exotic food that I try daily. Today I am going to talk about low calorie easy all natural fruit cake. I have some conservative feeling that I cannot change, I always like to start everything from scratch, by not using any readymade stuff from grocer.  But for this recipe you can try readymade canned fruit. For this recipe I have used all fruit which are left over and cannot serve a single course of meal as fruit plate. This saved my fruit and money. And finally reward me with mouth watering fruit cake.


Brown Flour/Can be replaced readymade cake mix

Sugar free


Baking soda


Fat free milk

Vegetable oil/margarine

Apple grated

Orange (homemade sauce)


Pine apple grated

Blue berry

Dates grated


Carrot grated

Kiwi fruit



First peel the orange and mashed them. Add little amount of grated apple. Put them in a pan and concentrate it with 4 packets of sugar free. Keep your flame in low. So that it doesn’t get stuck at bottom of pan. Now mix your grated carrot with some organic red fruit color and sugar free. Set it aside. Now mix all the above mention ingredients except this orange apple mix, strawberries and grated cabbage. This you keep aside for garnishing. Now bake then at 280 degree Fahrenheit for 30-40 minutes. Now you can take them off from baking tray or keep it there until it get cold.  Now you garnish them with the way you want. I have done like the way as shown in picture.

This is my quick fix easy fruit cake recipe for today’s desert. Enjoy with your friend and family.

some more low calorie ingredients


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