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All That You Wanted to Know About Cholesterol

Updated on August 31, 2012

Nowadays most of us are leading a very sedentary lifestyle which coupled with the perpetual stress we seem to carry in our head is a very lethal combination for our health. This is not the end to our problems because most of us also indulge in other potentially life taking habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse. These and eating fast food are leading to obesity and really unflattering bulge right in the center. It is a marvel that we are still getting around all right even after all of these but this is not really the case.

Diets saturated with cholesterol are giving rise to a number of medical conditions most of which if not treated on time and became ultimately fatal. Therefore it is imperative that we keep up the cholesterol ratio in our food because it can save our health from a lot of trouble in the future. But while planning a cholesterol diet we must keep in mind that not all types of cholesterol are bad for our health and in fact there is certain good cholesterol which is beneficial for the overall health. If we can keep up this ratio while planning our diet then we can prevent the high cholesterol symptoms and the diseases associated with them to a large extent.

While planning our cholesterol diet we should include the High Density Lipids or HDL cholesterol which are good for our health. If you divide the rate of HDL into the rate of LDL, you will get the figure that is known as the cholesterol ratio and helps keep a tab on the amount of Low Density Lipid cholesterol consumed with our food. You should constantly check the cholesterol level with the help of regular blood tests because prevention is always better than cure and it is better be safe. If the level of the LDL or the bad cholesterol overshoot then it can lead to a number of high cholesterol symptoms in the form of life threatening conditions such as a cardiac arrest and cerebral stroke. The unhealthy cholesterol can get deposited in the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart or brain and their blockage can result in them being deprived of the regular oxygen supply. You can prevent this with the help of a proper cholesterol diet.

You can keep up the cholesterol ratio by making whole grains a part of your diet. They contain good cholesterol and are full of fibers. Fibers are not only helpful in keeping the blood pressure level but aid in better bowel movement and improved clearance. Fresh fruits and vegetables should also be included in the cholesterol diet because they are full of good cholesterol and also contain a number of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. By following a strict diet and abetting from all sort of ill habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse, we can get rid of free of high cholesterol symptoms and related diseases and lead a long and healthy life.


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