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Allergies why are there so many today?

Updated on May 20, 2017

Allergies why are there so many in the world?

When did allergies become so common? Nobody really knows the answer to that question but over the last ten or fifteen years, they have seemed to get worse and worse. Or become limitless. Why, though? Sure you can be allergic to animals and types of foods but why is it getting worse? Is it because people are not exposed to certain things as much now as they were before? Is it because of a number of vaccinations that are out for people’s health nowadays? It has to do with the mother’s diet while she is pregnant because most allergies are contracted at young ages and then grow out of them as they get older. Or is that really true? That is what I think the reason is it but what is it really? First off allergies are not in the genes like some people might think. It’s the antibodies in our systems that aren’t fully developed that cause so many allergies.

Allergies can come in limitless amounts because of the lack of exposure to certain things, for example, peanut butter, or nut allergies. If a baby isn't exposed to peanuts or nuts at a very young age, and what I mean is by kissing them after you have had nuts or peanuts then they will likely develop an allergy because they haven't built up a tolerant immune system up for the nut or peanut butter.

Also, have you looked at what they put in things these days? When you actually pick up something from the grocery store that is supposed to be healthy actually how healthy is it? If you read the ingredients on the package of what you have picked up, you will notice that even though it says it’s supposed to be healthy it isn’t. Also, a number of allergies in the world are because we are eating, so many things that are genetically modified. There are the common allergies, to bugs, pollen, and grass. The question is though why is there so many allergies to foods these days?

What are allergies that are the bigger question, allergies are because our bodies can’t handle certain things, whether it be food or grass or bugs? Yes, people can grow out of allergies, but they also can contract new ones, because our bodies are always changing, which means the allergens in our system are too. Remember we do have allergens in our system to fight against allergies that we can contract. So yes some people don’t have any allergies, while others have them at certain times of the year, or others don’t have them at all. There are a limitless amount of allergies in the world.

The most common allergies in today’s day, are allergies to gluten, peanuts, and nuts. There are random ones like rice, I have a friend whose son is allergic to rice, that is a hard thing to stay away from, as well as soy. Everything has a bit of either rice or soy in it, and because everyone is either trying to eat healthier and going gluten free or they have an allergy to it, what is replaced in most gluten free products is soy and some people can’t tolerate it, which is why allergies exist.

Types of Allergies people may have in there lives.
Types of Allergies people may have in there lives.

Allergies can feel limitless especially the first time you experience them

If you haven’t been exposed to certain things and then you introduce them into your diet you might have a reaction. Or they won’t sit well with you at all which in turn is an allergy, of some sort. For example, I have an allergy to bees and misquotes not one where I have an Ep-pen but I do swell up and need to take Benadryl. Also over the last couple of years, I don’t really know if it was an allergy or not, but I got all hot and itchy after picking up weeds, and ever since then I get hot really quickly and I get too hot and start breathing really heavy. So would that be an allergy, and if so to what? That is the question that I am trying to figure out. Again allergies exist because our bodies don’t like certain things since they are not accustomed to it. Also a couple of years ago, I had a reaction to popcorn and corn, I couldn’t eat it because it would make me feel nauseated, among other things. Again why is that, because it was only for a couple of years, not that I eat a lot of it, now but I can eat a bit of it. Before though when I was younger I could eat it all the time, but when I reached about 19 through 23 I could hardly touch the stuff without feeling sick, even the look and smell made my stomach turn.

The question is why do allergies come up as they do and why can they go away? Well, there is an easy answer to that, our bodies and immune system’s change with age so we can grow out of allergies even after we have stopped growing. Or if you stop doing something that causes your allergy and then start reintroducing it, back into your life you might be able to handle it better than you did before. It just depends on the person and their body.

Allergies can feel limitless depending on the type of allergies they are if they are things like grass allergies they can last for a limitless amount of time. Months on end since grass is around for what eight of the 12 months sometimes. There are a limitless amount of allergies that people can get and for the most part, people don't know how or why they get them.

Not everyone is immune to everything and that is why there are limitless allergies in the world or at least that is what I think anyway. What do you think? Why are there limitless allergies in the world today is it because of all the chemicals that are in our foods these days? The allergies that I notice these days are more common and limitless because there is not very much clean food out there these days unless you really search for it, and when you do find it, it is extremely expensive. So people stay away from that and buy limitless amounts of food that have fillers in them which is the cause of most of the allergies these days.

Allergies can come  at any time of year
Allergies can come at any time of year

Allergies can be limitless

With everything always changing all the time. In limitless amounts, there is always going to be a limitless number of allergies that pops up every year. We are just going to have to figure out how to deal with them. For example, one year I got all itchy and hot from picking up weeds in my vineyard and now I get really hot really quick and I never used to be like that. So I am thinking that it was a weed allergy I am not sure what type of weed though.

Why do you think there are so many allergies in the world? Let's Discuss

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