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Halwa Recipes: Almond/Badam & Date Halwa

Updated on September 14, 2010
Almond/Badam Halwa
Almond/Badam Halwa

This dish is mainly for sweet lovers. A lovely combination of just Refined flour, butter, almond and sugar will melt in your mouth.And hope you would love it..

Almond/Badam Halwa


  • Refined flour ½ cup
  • Powder milk ½ cup
  • Sugar ½ cup
  • Crushed almonds 40 grams
  • Almond essence few drops
  • Butter 100 grams
  • Whole almonds for garnishing


  • Lightly fry the whole almonds. Heat a pot and melt butter in it.
  • Add refined flour, milk powder, sugar and crushed almonds. Stir with a wooden spoon.
  • When the mixture thickens and leaves sides add almond essence. Stir for few minutes and remove from flame.
  • Put halwa in a dish and cut into squares.
  • Garnish each square with an almond and allow to cool at room temperature.

Date Halwa
Date Halwa



  • Dates 250 grams
  • Milk 1 kg
  • Kewra 4 tbsp
  • Green cardamoms 4
  • Gram flour 1 cup
  • Sugar ¾ cup
  • Clarified butter 1 cup
  • Pistachios and almonds for garnishing


  • De-seed and mash dates.
  • Heat milk in a bowl; add gram flour. Cook till milk dries.
  • Grind gram flour in a blender.
  • Mix dates and gram flour in a bowl with the help of a fork.
  • Heat clarified butter in a wok and fry date mix and cardamoms for 5 minutes, then add sugar.
  • Fry for 5 more minutes; add kewra and take out in a dish.
  • Serve delicious and nutritious date halwa garnished with almonds and pistachios.


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