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Alphabet Cookie Cutters - A Cake Decorating Essential

Updated on July 8, 2017

Why An Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set is Essential

An alphabet cookie cutter set is an absolute essential for any home baker.

Not only do they act as fondant letter cutters but with a bit of forethought they can keep your kids entertained for hours.

Alphabet cookie cutters come in 2 sizes, large where the letters are around 3" high and small where the letters are around 1.5" high.

The smaller ones are great to use as cake letter cutters as they are small enough to be able to get quite long messages onto cakes. These are quite often made from metal and can have sharp edges where the metal overlaps, so are not good for use with very young children.

The larger ones are usually brightly colored which appeals to kids, and are made from plastic which makes them safer to use than the metal ones which can have the occasional sharp edge to catch out unwary fingers .

They can also be used to create letters out of icing but are also great with cookie dough.

Large Cookie Cutters Used to Create Letters on Cupcakes (Teachers Thank You Gift)
Large Cookie Cutters Used to Create Letters on Cupcakes (Teachers Thank You Gift)

 In fact if you fancy a half hour of peace and quiet, give your kids the large cookie cutters, some cookie dough a rolling pin and some sprinkles or other decorations and tell them to spell out their names in cookies.

You can also use alphabet cookie cutter sets for educational purposes ~ learning the alphabet will be much more fun if you're cutting the letters out as you go, and you can then used to baked cookie letters to form words ~ if they spell the word right they can eat a cookie letter.

Other Uses for Alphabet Cookie Cutters

If you though alphabet cookie cutters were only for use with cakes or cookies ~ think again.

Get imaginative in the kitchen and have fun with food. If your kids don't like their veg then next time your doing something that can be sliced such as carrots, eggplant or aubergine (depending which country you're in) or potatoes, use the cookie cutters to cut out the letters of their names.

You could also use the cookie cutters to cut shapes out of bread or toast, cheese or homemade pasta, and don't worry that if you cut a shape out of some bread or veg the rest of the slice can't be used. Leave the bread for a day until it goes stale then wizz it up for breadcrumbs (which can be frozen until you need them) and turn any left over veg into a sauce ~ in fact a veg sauce on pasta is always a good way of getting kids to eat veg without realising it.

Happy cooking.


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