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Alternatives to Milk

Updated on July 31, 2008

If you are planning to take dairy products out of your diet,there are alternatives such as soy,rice or almond milk which are very good replacements.These substitues for regular cows milk are all from natural ingredients and do not produce methane and manure... two detriments to our enviornment. Along with organic cows milk these alternatives allow humans from having to drink products that come from animals that have been injested with growth hormones that boost milk production. Of course everyone has a choice to to what they think is best for there situation.I grew up on cows milk because in the 50"s and 60"s the choice's just weren't there and I turned out pretty healthy but since those days our choices have grown and if it good for you then great go for it....I did!!!

Difference in Taste and Uses

Soy,rice and almond milk all have a sweeter taste than regular milk and are great for cooking. They are very good in foods such as waffles,muffins,breads and pancake batters. Even though it works well in these foods it does not substitute well in mashed potatoes and cream sauces. Also the unsweetened soy milk works better in dishes with a saltier taste. The protein content in soy and almond are right up there with dairy with rice trailing behind a bit. Vital nutrients not present in alternatives are added such as calcium,Vitamin D,riboflavin and B12

All the milk products that I have mentioned do not all taste the same so if you want to give them a try I would suggests that you check out some different brands and who knows you may get hooked.

Availability of milk alternatives was once restricted to health food stores and that's still where you get the largest variety, but most grocery stores/supermarkets do carry these products especially soy milk

Blueberry Breakfast Shake

(4 servings)

  • 2 1/2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 1 1/4 cups apple juice
  • 1 cup frozen yogurt -- vanilla
  • 1/4 cup of fresh soy miilk
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Directions are real easy. Just throw everything in the blender and blend until smooth. Serve right away.


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    • laringo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

      Thanks! You'll love the smoothie. I always mix up the ingredients.

    • Etherealenigma profile image

      Sandra M. Urquhart 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the smoothie recipe! I'll have to try that.

    • laringo profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

      Hi KT pdx, I'm glad you'll be able to expand on the use of soy. I't can be used in any way that cows milk can for the most part.

    • KT pdx profile image

      KT pdx 

      9 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

      Thank you for your hub! I once posted a request on here for cooking alternatives to cow's milk, but never got it answered. I use soy milk for drinking and on my cereal, now I'll be braver about trying it in my cooking as well.

      Thanks for becoming my fan, too.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 

      10 years ago from France

      I have only taken soy milk for the past 7 years when I discovered my intolerance to cow's milk. I must admit that I DO prefer the taste of soy milk and nowdays I can find it in most local supermarkets, which means also that the price has come down a bit although it still twice as expensive as cow's milk.


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