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Altoids: Where to Find Favorite/Discontinued Altoid Sours, Gum, Smalls Online

Updated on October 20, 2011

Where Have All The Great Altoid Products Gone?

What began well before the turn of the 19th century, the development of Altoids curiously strong mints developed by Smith & Co. in England, has blossomed into an extremely popular brand, recognized for a variety of flavors and forms.

The original peppermint, especially strong because of the quantity of peppermint oil, has been joined by wintergreen, spearmint, and other lozenge flavors. The mints have been dipped in chocolate. They have been created in a reduced size (smalls). And companion products, Sours, Gum, and Breath Strips have all had their day, doing quite well on the market. In the past couple of years, however, a number of these favorites have been clearanced from the shelves of grocers and drugstores, leaving the aficionado to wonder where to find their favorites.

What disappointment for my husband, who loved the mango and tangerine sours, particularly, when I informed him that what was left on the store shelves sported signs stating the sad news, "Closeout". They didn't last long, at that point.

Where do we find discontinued Altoid products?

Try Amazon for Discontinued Flavors and Products

...a great resource for Altoids products, and with it's subscribe and save program, it can be a good way to buy the mints at a 15% discount, with free shipping on subscribe and save purchases. However, supplies of the discontinued product varieties do appear to be dwindling.

Altoids Smalls

Amazon still appears to have a very good selection of the discontinued smalls, and available in multipacks at costs comparable to grocery store numbers.

Pricing and shipping will vary, as many of the options depend upon third party sales through Amazon.


Altoids gum is only recently being clearanced, and may still be found on your grocery store shelf. Our Walgreens closed this product out about a month ago. Amazon has some of the flavors available; however, some are long gone.

Cinnamon Altoids

Cinnamon flavored mints in all forms are missing from the shelves of retailers in our locale. However, a number of the cinnamon items are to be found online.

Chocolate Dipped

The chocolate dipped variety has likewise disappeared from stores, but they occasionally turn up to buy online.

Alternative Products

As the supplies dwindle, one might hope that the Sours, particularly, would be re-introduced. In the meantime, following are some Sour Drops from other companies, which may provide a new favorite. Emerald Forest Ricochet is available in decorative tins in some interesting flavors, including many more fruit and fruit combination sours than altoid provided.

Rendez Vous

Rendez Vous offers a number of sours and mints in similar favorite tins.

Of course, your favorite Altoids Peppermints, the originals, are still available!

Many of the products featured on this page are available at Amazon, and some even qualify for free super saver shipping, or Amazon Prime shipping. If you don't see a particular flavor that you are interested in, you can follow this link to an overall search result for amazon's current products in the Altoids line, and be sure to check out all of the available flavors in Ricochet sours as an alternative to the famous, but now missing, sour candies.


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