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Amazing Foods of Coachella You Need To Try

Updated on April 17, 2017

The Coachella festival has become one of the top places to see and be seen for celebrities and music fans. Along with the weekends of music and newly debuting songs you will find foodie nirvana. The various vendors bring their latest creations and mashups and many food trends to take over the country start at this festival.

Here are 5 food items that seem poised to become sensations and trends in the country. If you live near the home base of these vendors it is easy to try but for the rest of us it will probably mean creating a home copycat version to give it a try.

Hot Dogs Meet Diversity

A popular food item at the festival is from a place named Sumo Dog in Los Angeles. This concept is using beef, pork or vegetarian hot dogs and topping them with a variety of unusual toppings from the Japanese and Mexican traditions. These dogs are topped with everything from guacamole to tempura crunchy pieces and even miso pork.

You can make a copycat of these dogs at home by following some of their menu ideas or creating your own mix up. Their Godzilla hot dog is a foot long beef dog topped with spicy pork chili, togarashi cheese sauce, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, cabbage slaw, furikake and kizami nori. Another copycat is the Loco Moco which is any dog you prefer and top that with Hayashi beef gravy, mushroom, sunny side up egg, pickles and furikake.

The rules here are pretty much anything goes to top your dog, the more multi-cultural the better and just have fun with the flavors.

Dessert On A Stick

A festival is a perfect time for portable and easy to eat dessert ideas and this waffle pop is great. The vendor has made the waffles into a honeycomb design and uses the name Sweet Combforts for this fun idea.

The idea is pretty straight forward but the results can be stunning. The key to this is quality in both the waffle batter and the toppings. Mix up a good waffle batter and cook it with a stick for portability or skip the stick for enjoying at home if that is easier. While the waffle is still warm top it with anything sweet that you love. Try chocolate, nuts, crushed cookies, sprinkles, sugary cereal, frosting drizzles, melted peanut butter or anything else you like.

The real key to this dessert is to mix together flavors, textures and colors to create a unique dessert item.

India Meets Canada On A Plate

The folks at Badmaash in Los Angeles have built a great restaurant with a menu of cool combination dishes but the one taking Coachella by storm is their India Canada mashup on a plate. They call it a Chicken Tikka Poutine and it is pretty awesome.

To create a copycat home version you will need the poutine base, which is basically just French fries (the Canadian contribution) and they season them with a little marsala then top that with cheese curds, hot beef gravy and then finish it all off with chicken tikka marsala and a touch of cilantro.

This is a real meal with layers of flavors you won't soon forget. You can cheat a little here and buy prepared chicken tikka from most grocery stores so then this becomes a pretty easy copycat to try at home.

Matcha Madness

Most people have heard about, tried or already love matcha green tea and MatchaBar has taken this to a refreshing level with these great matcha tea drinks. They start with a base of matcha green tea and add fresh lime, mint or coconut to take the flavor up a big step.

You can find them online and order directly from them or take a shortcut and create a home version. This is a pretty basic drink with the matcha tea base and then you mix in what you prefer whether that is lime, mint, ginger, or coconut. You can play around with combinations and proportions to create a refreshing blend that is perfect for you. The health benefits for matcha green tea are an added bonus with this great flavor combo.

Burger Meets Mac & Cheese

This food item might be the most decadent at the festival but look at that picture, this might be the new definition of a food porn picture. This is not a complex meal but the results are awesome!

This is exactly what it looks like, replace the boring hamburger bun with breadcrumb covered mac and cheese and sandwich it over a great burger patty and welcome to food paradise. This is a little trickier to make at home at first but easy once you get the hang of the bun creation.

You will want to start with high quality macaroni and cheese then make a patty out of a handful and bread it in breadcrumbs. It is easier if you have your hands a little greasy so it doesn't stick too much and then give the patty a little fry time in a pan to adhere the breadcrumbs and give it a little crunch. Cook your burger the way you like and put it all together!


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