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The Weber Propane-Fired Charcoal Grill: A Review

Updated on March 1, 2016

Weber Propane-Fired Grill

My Weber Propane-Fired Charcoal Grill continues to make outdoor grilling easier and my taste buds happier. I have owned this grill for 2 years now and we use it year-round because of the ease in lighting the charcoal, which stays in the side hopper year round too, never gets wet. Some of the foods we have grilled on the Weber:

  • Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
  • Fish
  • Steaks
  • Chicken

When the meats are done and the coals are still hot:

  • Vegetables including potatoes done in a baking pan and left on the grill for about half an hour.
  • S'Mores

The Best of Both Worlds

I spent years cooking on the typical charcoal grill.. Grabbing the chimney, charcoal, lighter, and newspaper. Walking away from the house and filling it, lighting it and then waiting, hands dirty, for the charcoal to become hot and ready. Then pouring those hot coals into the grill itself. It was a dirty, sometimes painful job. Admittedly I have also spent a lot of time using my gas grill, which was quick, once I found out how to grill on a propane grill; but it did not have that authentic charcoal grilled taste I was looking for.

I discovered the best way to get that authentic taste, Weber has come up with the best, most amazing charcoal/propane grill. The charcoal stays in its bag in a hopper under the edge, with no danger of getting wet or broken. When you are ready to grill, allow about 20 minutes. Simply load the charcoal into the grill bed, slide the grate cleaner back and forth a few times, put the grill rack back on then push the button on the front panel to start the small propane tank. The propane when lit for about 5 minutes gives the charcoal the fire necessary to become hot and ready. After 5 minutes you turn off the propane and walk away.

Without the effort used in the past to get your charcoal hot, you can now go about preparing all the delicious foods you are about to grill. No more compromising on taste because of the ease of gas grilling. Now you can have it all!

The small blue propane tank makes the magic happen. Using the grill's front control panel, turn the propane on for 5 minutes, making sure the grill's cover and vents are set according to instructions included.

After 5 minutes, the propane is doing the work of your matches, charcoal chimney, and newspaper. All without the mess.

The coals are generally ready in 20 minutes.

Grilling any time of the year.

There is never a better time to be grilling than in the Fall. The air is crisp and appetites huge. Football games and grilling go hand in hand. Weber has a small charcoal grill to take with you for the important tailgating activities.


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    • Dangazzm profile image

      Dangazzm 7 years ago

      Now that's a grill! Good HUB, keep them coming!