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Amazing Bar Tricks, Bets, Hustles - Get Your Friends to Buy You Free Drinks

Updated on January 10, 2011

 If you’ve spent much time in a bar, you’ve probably seen some smooth person hustling someone who’s had a bit too much to drink into buying the next round using a cool magic trick.  Many of these cool bar tricks can be easily learned and used by anyone.  They don’t require magic; simply knowing some basic science will suffice.  Learning a few of these easy bar tricks will allow you to earn some free drinks and impress your buddies while you are at the bar.

The Cork Trick

A simple trick that only requires a cork is betting on whether a cork will land upright or on its side.  If the cork is dropped horizontally at around 1.5 times its length it will usually bounce then land on one end.  This is not one that works every time, but will pay off more than it doesn’t, and makes you look fallible which is a great set up for future bets. 

Dollar Bill Bottle Opener

A trick that only requires only a dollar and a beer is making your own bottle opener using a dollar bill.   Fold your bill long ways then roll it up very tight like a cigarette.  Fold it in half again and you’ll have a strong, sharp corner.  You can then stick the corner under the lid and pop it open just like a bottle opener.

Whiskey Vacuum

For a very flashy magic trick bet your friends you can pick up a shot glass with only the palm of your hand without cupping it.  This sounds impossible but is actually quite simple.  Fill the shot glass to the halfway point with 100 proof well whiskey and set it ablaze.  Press your palm firmly on the shot glass.  The flame dies right away and the glass seals onto your hand with the vacuum that is formed.

Betcha Can't

This last trick doesn’t require any science, but is best used on someone with a good sense of humor. Tell your friend that you can drink two beers before he can drink one shot as long as you get a one beer head start. Explain to your buddy that he can't touch your glasses and you can't touch his. He also can't start drinking until you put your first glass down. If he or she accepts the challenge, drink your first beer and place your empty glass upside down over the top of his shot glass. Since he can't touch your glass you can take all night on your second beer if you want to.

There is an abundance of these pub tricks that you can easily find with a quick internet search. I've included a few videos from Youtube that illustrate some great bar tricks too. Have fun, and you can look forward to never paying for a drink again!


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      Summer 3 years ago

      So true. Honesty and everything rengecizod.

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      Sagar 3 years ago

      You're the one with the brains here. I'm waihtcng for your posts.