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Amazingly Nutritious Tasty Cheap and Delicious Fried Rice Dishes from Dale’s Kitchen

Updated on August 8, 2011

Amazingly Healthy and Simple Good Tasty Food Direct From the Kitchen of Dale Ovenstone

What a recipe! Now if you HAVE got time to cook for yourself, your friends for entertainment, &, or for your family, then why not grab yourself a bag of long grain rice, & a few other nutritious ingredients, & concoct yourself the most amazingly cheap & simple, single, or family meal, which can be eaten both hot or cold?

Herein, after talking to my son this morning about fried rice dishes & recipes he needed my help-desperately, so I went about purchasing the main ingredients I needed for this meal, whether from Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, or any other major food supermarket chain store, or even your local shop, but living right here on the outskirts of Cardiff in Wales UK, lucky enough for me, I have close proximity access to all of these shops & stores, which are all easy to reach, & I do like to shop around for all the cheapest food prices & the best deals. Competition hey, I love it.

As a side note, how come most of you major supermarkets are so much dearer for your products than other stores, even smaller stores & shops in many cases, & you always brag about your profits, even though, you buy in bulk, about time you gave us YOUR CUSTOMER, more savings indeed for using your stores & buying your food on offer, then watch your profits skyrocket! (End of side note, & my whine for the day!-Article about competitively researched food prices soon to follow.)

Anyway, you must be starving by now, so without further ado, back to the recipe…..

I’m about to explain to you by providing you with step by step instructions for you to create your own fried rice dish meal. Here you will learn the basics of using rice, as a fried dish, whereas you can add, or take away, ingredients by the plenty, at your pleasure, according to your own personal preference & taste & even health.

Go on, you love eating, you know you want to try it!


Let’s begin!


Long grain rice. Olive oil. Eggs. Garlic (cut into tiny pieces). Sweet peas. Sweet corn niblets. Soy sauce. Half chicken stock cube. Raw chicken meat (cut into small strips or pieces) Prawns.

Now any of the ingredients above can be added or subtracted from the dish as you please!

Please note: Prepare this ready to add to your pan or wok, later!

Break two eggs into a dish, then add a good couple of splashes of soy sauce & mix in together, for an outstanding oriental fried rice flavor!

Step 1:

Take per portion per person of rice, place in sieve, wash & rinse in running water to eradicate starch! Boil simmer the rice gently for stated time as on the packaging. Once cooked through, place the rice back into sieve to drain, & then set to one side to cool off completely.

When rice is ready……

Step 2:

Use your non stick frying pan, or wok! Add two table spoons of olive oil & heat up to high temperature (making sure not to burn the oil)

High heat wok or frying pan, the method……

Step 3:

Add the garlic, & the chicken & stir quickly to cook this through (the chicken should only take a minute or so if cut up into small strips but make sure the meat has turned white.) Throw in the prawns.

Step 4:

Straight away introduce the vegetables into the mix & continue to stir fry in the hot oil for a minute.

Step 4:

Use your ladle & push the cooked mix up to the side of your pan. Sprinkle half chicken stock into the pan & add the egg mix & spread this thinly over the bottom of the pan to cook instantly.

Step 5:

Throw in another table spoon of olive oil into the hot pan (only if pan has become a little dry)

Gather all the other ingredients together in the pan then chuck in the cold rice. Continue turning the rice mixture throughout to warm the rice, , then spread it out onto the bottom of the pan, leaving it to rest there for a minute of two, to further heat, making sure the whole mixture is hot throughout & all the ingredients are mixed in together!

Grab yourself a warm drink & enjoy!

As (another) side note.. you will notice you have more left than you intended, as you placed rice per person per portion, by adding the rest of the ingredients, you have bulked up your meal, so why not let the left over’s cool naturally, then place it into the fridge, & have another (cold) meal tomorrow?

great or what?

And why a warm drink you may be asking……


It is known, within many eastern philosophies, that when you eat a warm meal, & drink a cool liquid at the same time, the cool liquid ingested aids in cooling down your warm food too quickly, before it has time to digest adequately inside your system, thus, in effect, you’re not helping to digest your food naturally, plus, you are aiding in turning any oils or fat from the dish into indigestible formats of not very good stuff & this can have quite dire implications on your digestive tract, your health, & even your heart, & we all know what that can mean, I’m sure!

Anyways, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed & I would love for you to leave me your feedback in the box below, & you know what, I will even return the favour & answer your comment. How’s that then guys & dolls?

Regards. Dale Ovenstone


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