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America - What Is With the Food Labels?

Updated on September 12, 2015

United States has the ability to mandate full disclosure for all food product labels. Yet many items lack sufficient labeling. Have we lost sight of the forest for the trees? What simple changes could be made to help us American consumers make the right decisions for ourselves and our families. If you are a heart patient, do you need to know the amount of quinine in your toxic water? Would you pay more for beef that is fresh and has no ammonia used in its processing? Could you use help on your diet with better labeling on packages with multiple servings? Journey with me and see what food labeling items you feel are important for the health of you and your family.

Ammonia in US Beef
Ammonia in US Beef | Source
US Beef has been barred from Taiwan
US Beef has been barred from Taiwan | Source

#1 Provide Disclosure of All Food Processing Ingredients - Natural or Synthetic

Ammonia is a "Processing Ingredient" and Exempt from Labeling

Ammonia is a "processing ingredient" and exempt from labeling. The NY Times reported this story when the ammonia solution malfunctioned just for a couple of seconds and the outbreak of E. coli was found in United States beef.

The sad part of the story was the excuses that were made. The labeling was deemed not necessary because it was a processing ingredient. A processing ingredient where we only learned about it when it was absent because of the bacteria. Would we ever hear about it, if the processing and application were too high?

Why am I not given a choice as a consumer? I feel that I should be told and advised IF I am buying something that is processed with ammonia.

Problem Restatement: Processing ingredients are not always provided on the food labels.

Solution Number 1: Mandate All Processing Chemicals - Synthetic and Natural be Detailed on the Internet

Tonic Water Nutrition Label

#2 Disclosure the Amount of Quinine in Toxic Water and Other Foods and Drinks

Tonic Water - Quinine - How Much?

I enjoy toxic water and I know it has as many calories as a soda but I do like to indulge myself form time to time.

How can a bottle of toxic water state on the front that it contains quinine and yet nowhere on the bottle, it tells me how much?

Problem Restatement: Doses of medicine in food/drink is not provided on the food labels.

Solution Number 2: Mandate quantities of quinine in toxic water and other foods/drinks be detailed and made available on the Internet

Tonic Water Contains Quinine - How Much?

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Serving Size Should be on the Front of the Package

IF multiple portions are offered within the package - the front of the package should clearly state this fact.

Change the United States food labels NOW so we will and so our children will learn what proper portions should be.

United States Food Label - Serving Size Per Package - 3

Serving Size for One Package - 3 Servings! America - What is with our food labels?
Serving Size for One Package - 3 Servings! America - What is with our food labels?
Serving Size for One Package - 3 Servings! America - What is with our food labels?
Serving Size for One Package - 3 Servings! America - What is with our food labels?

#3 Serving Size Disclosure Needed on Food Labels

We are the most advanced and wealthiest nation in the world, and yet one of the most vital items to our health is not regulated by the government. As large as our government is and yet, the information is sadly lacking.

I love H K Anderson snacks. They are made in the USA, they are made in Pennsylvania. I am not picking on them, I am picking on the labeling. If you pick up a snack, all too often, we tend to eat the entire bag. IF we look very closely we will see the bag contains multiple servings!

No wonder we are a nation of obesity!

Problem Restatement: Portion control is problematic on food packaging. Solution Number 3: Mandate All Packages Clearly State the Number of Servings on the Front of the Package, IF the package contains more than one serving.

#4 Provide Internet Access in Large Font Sizes of all US Food Products

Lastly, I would like for the US government to mandate all food labels be made readily available on the Internet in a font size larger than 6. Font size 10 is reasonable and would greatly help.

What good is a food label IF we cannot read the details?

Information is knowledge, knowledge is power. Knowing what medicine, knowing what ingredients are in our food is vital. Knowing the serving size of the various packages - all of these items are critical to our health.

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Making US Food Labeling Safe and Effective

If you agree with any of these suggestions, please feel free to share with friends and family. Hub Pages provides a number of methods to share information.

Your opinion counts, please comment. Any additional suggestions for the United States government to implement to make food labeling safe and effective? Also, please share with us, what other countries are doing that is proactive for food labeling - what are we missing? Share with us and we will learn and grow together.

Author Update

Since writing this hub, I am pleased to report that many if not most food manufacturers are now reporting on the front of the label, the calories and some of the main nutrients and vitamins. The power of the people is at work and we express our opinion, continue to read, continue to ask for improvement, together we can make a difference and craft a better world - a world that is not just healthier but also more unified. We have many more similarities than differences and nowhere is this fact more apparent than when we compare our health needs.

Improved Labeling

How has improved food labeling benefited you? Has it made a difference to you and your family with your food choices? If so, please share with us your personal experiences and opinions.

© 2010 American_Choices


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    • American_Choices profile image

      American_Choices 5 years ago from USA

      I just don't understand why traffic signals are all symbols, the internet is all universal symbols but we continue to mandate food labels on the front with no visual of what we are really consuming.

      Banning foods, banning food sizes, interfering in free commerce should NOT be in the realm of government. Providing a visual on the front of the teaspoons of sugar and salt, mandating single serving packaging at fast food stations - this is what the focus should be. Where has our common sense for legislation gone?

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Great hub with good and helpful information. It's a topic I am just exploring and intend to do more writing on it myself. Voted up and all the rest.