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An All New Montana Amish Cookbook | St. Ignatius Montana Amish Community

Updated on July 1, 2012

“Come’n git it!” as they say in the West, and this hot off the press Amish cookbook will give you a taste of old time Amish cooking with a Western flare.

Featuring 250 favorite recipes from the Montana Amish community located around St. Ignatius Montana.

You will also learn more about this fascinating self-sufficient culture and how they chose St. Ignatius for the Westward migration of Amish from the Eastern states.

The cookbook is full of ranch and traditional Western recipes. The Gold Rush Brunch, Montana Cowgirl Casserole and Cheese Stuffed Elk Roast are just a few of the favorite recipes.

You will also find a wonderful Steak Marinade recipe that can be used on beef, elk, deer, and even chicken. Use the Best Barbeque Sauce on spareribs, chicken, or pour over meatballs.

You will also find tips on how to keep celery fresh longer and make rice fluffier and whiter.

Did you know how to soften brown sugar? Add a piece of bread and put it in a tight container.

Try a new twist with a Mission Mountain Margarita Shake or for the coffee lover make up Iced Coffee Syrup to mix with milk, chopped ice and drizzle with caramel topping and whipped cream for a refreshing summer drink.

You can purchase the Horse and Buggy Montana cookbook as well as many more Amish cookbooks at Cottage Craft Works .com

The Outdoor Cooking cookbook provides all types of recipes for cooking over open campfires and using Dutch oven cooking.

If you enjoy the outdoors or cooking like you were on a Montana trail ride, Outdoor cooking is the cookbook to have.

If you have a sweet tooth for candy and confections you will have to get Mary Yoder's Candy and Confections Cookbook.

This is more than just a cookbook, it is probably one of the most comprehensive book you will find on making candies and confections.

From chocolate to marshmallow Easter Eggs and everything in between can be found in this popular Amish cookbook. Fantastic coconut bon-bons and caramel pecan log recipes await your heavenly taste buds.

Cottage Craft Work .com features a host of products made and used by the Amish communities from all across the United States.


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