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An easy way to clean a George Foreman grill

Updated on February 1, 2016

Cooking is better when cleaning is easy

I love my indoor grill, especially when it is hot outside and cooking on the stove or in the oven makes it even hotter. You can cook all kinds of foods in this machine and you don't have to be a chef to do a good job. My family likes the grilled food as well. This kind of cooking is healthier, without a lot of the grease that comes from frying. But nobody likes to clean the grill.

Recently, a friend taught me an easy method for cleaning the grill after cooking. I had been avoiding using it when I just wasn't in the mood to clean it up. This has made it easier for me to use the machine. My family still doesn't want to clean the grill, but now I can do it and get that chore out of the way.

This is how it works, step by step:

1. Take a dish towel and fold it so it will fit in the grill. You could also use three or four sheets of paper towel. Do not use the recycled paper towels. For some reason, they don't work.

2. Wet the towel or the paper towels until they are soaking wet.

3. Place them inside the grill.

4. Plug the grill in. It heats up quickly, so do not leave the wet towels in for more than a minute. You will see a little steam coming out.

5. Unplug the grill and LET IT COOL. DO NOT TOUCH HOT TOWELS!!!

6. The steam from the wet towels will loosen up all the gunk that is stuck to the grill.

7. When the grill is COOL, remove the towel or towels and wipe up all the loose food. Then take a second (clean) towel and wipe the grill clean.

8. If you use a cloth towel, it can be washed and used again. The paper towels you just throw away.

I know the grill has a non-stick surface, but over time it gets worn down and stuff starts to stick. That makes the cooking a little more messy. And some foods are stickier than others. But I have used this method many times and it works.

Grilling is healthier than frying

I know this stuff may taste good but it really isn't healthy
I know this stuff may taste good but it really isn't healthy

A few cautions

I cannot emphasize enough that you should not touch the towel or towels until the grill has cooled off. If you get in a hurry you will end up with burned fingers. Steam is nothing to play with. So i am saying it again, WAIT UNTIL THE GRILL IS COOL.

Don't leave the grill plugged in too long. You don't want to cook the towel or towels. You just want to heat up the water to make steam and then unplug the machine. The steam will clean the grill. But if you leave the towels in there too long they will dry out and they may stick to the grill along with the food. Thirty seconds to a minute is usually enough.

The grill heats up a lot and this extreme heat will kill most if not all germs. But if you want to go over the surface with soapy water after you have finished all the steps above, you can. Don't use alcohol based cleaners, like those hand cleaner gels, because alcohol is flammable and you could cause a fire. Be sure to rinse off all soap residue.


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    • bjspivey-rivers profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      This method does clean the grill. There is just less scraping. Thanks for the feedback

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My roomate does this in an excuse to not clean the grill. Shortcuts lead to laziness. Clean the grill when its hot and be a man.


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