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Angels On Horseback, One Of The Best Oyster Appetizers Ever

Updated on April 20, 2012
Angels On Horseback Are So Delicious And Easy To Make
Angels On Horseback Are So Delicious And Easy To Make
Angels On Horseback on the grill are delicious.. See them in the photo. Served with hot sauce they are delicious.
Angels On Horseback on the grill are delicious.. See them in the photo. Served with hot sauce they are delicious.

More About Angels On Horseback

Angels on Horseback are quite similar to Devils on Horseback which are dates wrapped in bacon.

One of the earliest references to Angels on Horseback was in the New York Times in 1896. In that newspaper article they were said to have been invented by Urbain Dubois who was the Chef to the German Emperor. We do know they weren't invented in Germany but most likely in England where they have been served dating back to the early 1600's.

In the 1980s the Chicago Tribune called the oysters intriguing when they were served at the mayor's inaugural ball. The water chestnut was included in that version and the oyster and the water chestnut was wrapped in bacon and deep fried.

At a lot of the bars in the American south the dish is often prepared with the oysters put onto a bamboo skewer and each oyster is wrapped with bacon and secured with a wooden toothpick. The skewer of oysters is then soaked in Italian Dressing for a few minutes and then they are grilled on an open fire grill and they are sprinkled with fresh rosemary. You end up with a tasty dish you won't soon forget. At some bars they are soaked down with hot sauce and they are advertised as Devils on Horseback.

You'll also find bars especially in Florida making the same dish only substituting shrimp or scallops for the oysters. I have tried them all three ways and they are delicious.

I hope you get to make Angels on Horseback real soon and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask them below. Angels on Horseback are delicious no matter how you make them. If you have suggestions for another way to make them let me hear from you.

Angels On Horseback Recipe

Angels On Horseback is a delicious oyster dish and its really easy to make. In order to make Angels On Horseback you need Oysters , Bacon , and toothpicks. You want to take your oysters and wrap them with a slice of bacon. Then secure the bacon with the toothpicks.

You can put your Angels on Horseback together on bamboo skewers and soak them briefly in Italian Dressing and then grill them on the grill. Be sure to turn them over often on the grill so that the bacon doesn't get burned. They are quite delicious cooked on the grill. Just don't overcook them.

Some people like to add a water chestnut in the center of the bacon and the oyster. It does give the tasty little morsels an unusual crunch. I make them both ways.

At the U.S. White House Angels on Horseback were a favorite of both Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. So they found their way on to the menus at the White House quite often.

You can serve these in cleaned and washed oyster shells or you can serve them on a tray. And what ever you do be sure to make the below Oyster Horseradish Sauce to dip your Angels on Horseback in.

For Your Angels On Horseback You Will Need.

1. Raw Oysters.

2. Sliced Bacon.

3. Toothpicks.

You will want to wrap a bacon slice around your oyster and secure it with a toothpick. You will need a large baking pan that you have sprayed with vegetable cooking spray. Place your bacon wrapped oysters on the baking pan and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Bake in a 400 degree pre-heated oven until your bacon is crisp. Turn often to prevent burning on one side.

Oyster Horseradish Sauce

For Your Recipe You Will Need.

1. One Cup Ketchup

2. Two Tablespoons Fresh Grated Horseradish.

3. One Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce.

Mix together very well and serve with your Angels On Horseback.

If you make the Angels on Horseback please post a comment below and let us know how they turned out for you.

The Complete Guide To Oysters

CLICK HERE for the complete guide to Oysters

Had you ever heard of Angels on Horseback? Why not post your comments, tips, or suggestions now. And thanks very much.

Have you ever had Angels on Horseback? Tell us about it below.
Have you ever had Angels on Horseback? Tell us about it below.

Post your Angels on Horseback Comments , Tips , and or Suggestions below now. Let us hear from you about Angels on Horseback.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      9 years ago from East Coast , United States

      It is one of the quickest and easiest oyster recipes you will ever make and with the oyster horseradish sauce it is so delicious.

    • Jessica Horn profile image

      Jessica Horn 

      9 years ago

      Man - I LOVE oysters, but I've never heard of this recipe. I'll have to try it tomorrow night! My boyfriend & I are having dinner ;-)

    • Ladybird33 profile image


      9 years ago from Fabulous USA

      The name caught my eye, now I am going to try this. Thanks, very creative and looks yummy!

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      9 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Angels on Horseback is delicious and so easy to make. And with the oysters horseradish sauce they are quite simply addictive. Really one of the best ever oyster recipes. Just keep turning them while they are baking so they don't burn and your bacon gets crisp.

    • sheryld30 profile image


      9 years ago from California

      Wow~ The name alone, looks nice. :) I've got to try it. :) Thanks! :)


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