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Aperitif and Liqueurs Make Easy Tasty Cocktails or Spritz Drinks

Updated on July 2, 2012

If you are not into mixing complex alcohol concoctions that require ounces of this, ounces of that, that tend to make a simple drink expensive, try making a European cocktail using an aperitif or liqueur.

At the most basic level, simply put ice in the glass and pour your favorite over them. Enjoy. To make it a bit more complicated and tasty, simply do the same and add three ounces of wine and a touch of soda water for fizz.

The benefit is that this is quick and usually cheaper because there are less ingredients to buy. Some of the better liqueursor aperitifs are:

  • The citrus-like taste of Aperol. It is 11% alcohol. It is sweet, but not too sweet. Yummy.
  • For a fruity, grapefruit taste, go for the legendary St. Germain. You'll probably want want to save the bottle, too. 20% alcohol. You will get a buzz in a short time!
  • If you are more into a more bitter taste, add Campari and a touch of grapefruit juice on the rocks. Be prepared for the 24% alcohol wallop.
  • Cocchi Americano is bitter tasting and is actually a wine with orange flavor. Not a favorite of mine, but, maybe you? 16% alcohol.
  • Lillet, from France, has a berry and orange taste in a wine base aperitif. Use with mineral water or Champagne. If not, pour it out of the bottle with grapefruit. 17% alcohol.
  • The Rabarbare Zucca is unique because of its rhubarb smoky taste. Its not bad just over ice with a touch of seltzer water. 16% alcohol.


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