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Aphrodisiac Food List: What to Eat to Improve Your Sex Life

Updated on February 13, 2018

Happy Days Lovers: Time to Make a Nest

First: Create The Love Atmosphere

It's time to get in the mood for some serious loving people. Do you want to know how to get your groove on? You're on the right page to find out: read on and make your nest...

First :

  • Nip down to the candle shop for a few whiffy night lights (by whiffy, I mean deliciously scented).
  • Pay a visit to the florist for a beautiful bunch of red roses.
  • Burn a couple of vanilla incense sticks.
  • Pick up a bottle of fizzy plonk, the good stuff (nothing worse than fizz that goes flat) and leave in the fridge to cool.
  • Turn on the music; something slow, hot and steamy but not over the top either.
  • Ban the leopard skin and any other tacky stuff, be cool but not too cool.
  • Put the cat/dog/rabbit whatever pet you have out; there is only room for two in this nest.

Add A Little Spice To Your Love Life:

I have a little tip or two to help that fizzy plonk go down. If your more limp biscuit than chocolate surprise, this hub will make your day or even your night for that matter.

Read on and you'll discover the natural way to sharpen the lead in your pencil. And that, my dear is definitely worth reading and hopefully for you to be writing home about. Sit up straight and start taking notes.

Good luck and happy loving!

Get Your Fizz On: Champagne Bubbles Definitely Work, Break Out The Moët & Chandon and Forget The Cheap Plonk

Aphrodisiac Food List: Tickle Your Fancy With These Tasty Teasers


  • An easy food to hand feed your lover, although apparently you need to eat it for at least three days to be really effective. I'm thinking I'll give it a go for a couple weeks, after that I'll add a few poached eggs.


  • High in vitamin B of course. Good for the ole libido and great on your cornflakes. No excuses anyone. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!


  • Add some spice to your life. A little chilli pepper can go a long way. With numerous vitamins to boot. Opt for Cayenne Passion (one particular cultivar) unless you know a Carolina or a Violet (both cultivar name sakes for cayenne) or even a Thomas or Jefferson. How hot!


  • The capsaicin in the chillies releases endorphins, speeding up the heart rate and everything else so it seems! A Bloody Mary cocktail with extra piri piri might just do the trick. Bottoms up!


  • A well known stimulant with that extra feel good factor. But surely we don't need any encouragement to eat chocolate. In case you do, I have a suggestion. Dip fresh strawberries into melted chocolate and take succulent little bites (from the strawberries and calm down a tad; the night is still young). Alternatively just eat chocolate cake and get crumbs everywhere.


  • Adam and Eve covered their nudity with fig leaves. In my opinion you should be able to work out the rest for yourself. On that note I'll leave it there, I've got to see a man about a fig tree.


  • A fresh root that stimulates the circulatory system. If your unsure of what that means add a good spoonful of freshly grated ginger to a stir fry and see what happens.


  • Increases the blood flow around the body to all the right places. More importantly they are high in vitamin C, and that's why they're top of my shopping list.


  • An ole tale, tells the story of how young honeymoon couples would drink a fermented drink made from honey on their wedding night. The idea behind the old tradition was to make the honey drinking honeymooners marriage sweet. Practice makes perfect! How sweet!


  • A well known keen aphrodisiac. High in zinc and blessedly easy to prepare. Eaten raw, served on ice with a glass of Guinness to wash them down, majestic. Although you'd be advised to go easy on the black stuff. There's a lot of iron floating around in a pint of Guinness. Nothing like a windy day to dampen your sex drive.

Pine nuts:

  • In the olden days these nuts were often brewed to make secret love potions by the old woman folk of rural villages. Personally, I'd rather stick' em in my pesto and add some spaghetti.


  • A glass of vinho relaxes the body and clears the mind. The main word of warning here is MODERATION. Otherwise the only thing wine will do for your libido is send it straight to sleep.

A True Aphrodisiac is Chocolate: Bring on That Lindt Feeling

Aphrodite: A Note on The Goddess of Love

Aphrodite was the goddess of love and desire. She was a very beautiful woman and was only too aware of her own loveliness. Aphrodite liked to play games and was a jealous woman. It was one of Aphrodite's games that went wrong, which was responsible for Paris falling in love with the married Helen of Troy (feel another blog coming on). Some people believe Aphrodite was the mother of Eros ie Cupid. One of her many children.

Aphrodite loved to be loved and was quite the wanderer; constantly seeking out new lovers to feed her desire for love. It was this great desire that attributed her name to the foods we associate with love today ie Aphrodisiac.

Did You Know:

Our sense of smell can, when tickled by the right scent unleash the passionate lover in us all. Jasmin and lavender scented candles create a subtle romantic mood, encouraging our hotter emotions to swim to the surface. Cedarwood essence is another wonderfully alluring scent that awakens the deepest of passions. A sweet smelling perfume will certainly make you feel quite heady for all the right reasons if worn by the right person.

Love and romance empowers us and brings joy to our daily lives. Valentines brings out the cupid in all of us. But you know what? don't wait for one special love day to come around each year. Go get your bow an arrow out; play the music; dim the lights and crack an oyster. In other words; do an Aphrodite and start loving...

Will you be loving this Valentines Day?

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© 2010 Gabriel Wilson


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    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 8 years ago from Florida

      Nice, short and to the point. I guess that's in case the reader is in a hurry for romance. I love the way you write as if you are talking to your reader. I can almost hear your voice.