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Apple Cider | Wine and Fruit Presses | For The Self-Sufficient Orchard or Commercial Grower

Updated on February 2, 2012

Apple Cider, Wine, and Fruit Presses

Apple Cider Press
Apple Cider Press
Wine Press
Wine Press

Cottage Craft Works offers several new cider, wine and fruit presses in its back to basics self sufficient general store. These old fashioned handcrafted presses are made for both the commercial grower or home owner needing various production options. The American Harvester offers a double tub with a heavy duty apple grinder, to grind and squeeze 50 gallons of cider in one afternoon. The Homesteader is a single tub cider press with grinder, which will hold 40 lbs of apples for a single pressing. Our Pioneer Junior, offers a budget press complete with grinder, which will process a half bushel of apples at a time for the home owner wanting a low cost press. Cottage Craft Works also carries just the metal hardware kits to build all of these high quality presses, as well as separate grinders to add to an existing press.

Cottage Craft works also offers these fine presses as wine and fruit presses where a grinder is not needed to process grapes and small soft fruits. From the large Homesteader to simple table top models, Cottage Craft Works is your one stop supply center for presses and press accessories. See all of our presses and wine making, cider processing options.

Cottage Craft Works is the Texas dealer for Happy Valley and Jaffrey manufactured apple cider, wine and fruit presses. But we also sale and ship presses across the United States and Internationally.


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    • profile image

      ciderpresses 5 years ago

      They really are gorgeous presses. I've just bought my own build-it-yourself kit and am hoping it turns out as good as a premade one!