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How To Make An Apple Mush: Recipe For Toddlers And Mommies

Updated on January 22, 2013


  • 5 medium size apples
  • half glass of water
  • 3 tablespoons light cream
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla sugar

Cooking time: 40min.

Peel the apples and take out their cores. Cut the apples in thin slices. Pour the water in a pot and apple slices. Add a little bit of cinnamon. Warm everything on low fire with the lid on the pot. In 15-20minutes the apples should be already soft. Add a bit more cinnamon. The apple mush is ready when there is no excess water. Add a little bit of cream and a little bit of vanilla sugar. You can eat this apple mush warm or cool it before serving. Serve it alone or with a little bit of whip cream.

Cooking time: 40min.

This is a nice recipe for babies, toddlers as well as grownups. For very small babies it is better to avoid using cream and cinnamon since they might be sensitive. The apple mush tastes good on its own but one can use it for different cakes, as a pie filling or together with pancakes. Apple mush is also the base ingredient when making apple cider, then a small portion of yeast is added for the fermenting process. If you like other fruit, you can add them to the apple mush too - pears, plums and others. From my own experience the best mush however always have apples as a base and other fruit just to add some taste.

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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      Sounds good and easy. Kind of like fried apples, without all the butter.

    • Eranofu profile image

      Eranofu 5 years ago from Europe

      Thank you for your comment. Yeah, it actually might be a good substitute for fried apples.

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