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Apples: A Taste Test of Four I've Not Tried Before

Updated on June 2, 2016

The Four Apples

I have Pacific Rose, Jonagold,, Pink Lady and Pinata.

Pacific Rose

My first bite: crisp, sweet. The apple pulp is somewhat firm, but not hard. I liked it. I will definitely buy this one again.


Juicy. Sweet. Another firm textured apple. I like this one also. I have a Jonagold tree in my yard that I planted last year and it had apples this last fall, but the apples were not as good as this one. Will buy again.


Firm. Not quite as sweet. A softer texture. Somewhat juicy, but has a less appealing taste. I don't think I'll buy this one again.

Pink Lady

Hard, crisp. Not very sweet. A dry apple. I think that I will try dipping this one in caramel dip. Definitely an improvement.

Jimmy's Caramel Dip

I bought this caramel dip at the grocery store a while back and you find it next to the onions in our local store. I had to have help finding it. It made sense, it wasn't obvious but it was fairly near where the apples were being sold.


My father once said that eating caramel apples was never satisfying to himself. He thought that the caramel took away from the flavor of the apple. Well. To each his own. I like eating apples plain, too. I like eating them with caramel dip. I like sprinkling salt on them. I like baking apple pie.

He would admit that he loved eating apples and claimed that apples made it possible for himself to live too long. He wasn't able to enjoy them in his last few years since his teeth were getting brittle and he couldn't chew them any more.

I'm Full

I will have to finish eating what is left tomorrow. I cut the rest up into pieces and discarded the cores. I sprinkled lemon juice on the pieces because that will keep them from getting brown, or oxidizing. They may be a little tangier because of the lemon juice and perhaps I will sprinkle salt on them as I chew them.


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