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Are You Aware Of What You Are Eating?

Updated on May 25, 2013

I believe that when we eat certain foods, and/or certain brands, that we must be fully aware of what goes into our favorite foods, that we put into our bodies. I honestly believe that there is a correlation, between the types of foods we eat, coupled with the health issues associated with the foods we consume on a daily basis.

That brings us to a whole new level of realization. What are companies putting in our foods, and why are they putting additives, or substances in our food, that contribute to increased heart disease, diabetes, etc?

I have always been a food label nerd. I read the ingredients on just about every brand of food I buy. I’m at the point to where, I would rather know what is in my food now, than to wait ten twenty years from now, and find that companies here and abroad have been using me as a lab rat, based solely on the foods that I thought was nutritional and safe, turned out to be otherwise, and that to me is a painfully lesson to swallow.

So, what do we do now, that we know, that the foods we consume from various companies here in the US and abroad are not safe or healthy? Well, you can either start growing your own produce or raising your own animals for meat, or you can look for, or find those natural alternatives, where you find a farmer or somebody you know who grows or raises his or her own food, without using pesticides, or harmful chemicals are additives that wreck havoc on a human body.

I definitely do not want to start naming those companies or corporations out on this hub page who knowing are producing food, selling it to the public, knowing that it is causing an array of health problems in our society.

Where does government regulation step into this mess? That is a great question, in most cases government is totally aware of those corporations, who are putting these harmful substances, additives, or whatever you would like to call them in our foods.

Yet, you have to ask yourself that burning question. Why are corporations that produce food for our country, are not properly government regulated, whether the food is imported into this country or produced in this country as well?

It's a question that stirs my imagination, and I know why. I just want you to think about it, and sort it out in your mind too.

I won’t even talk about the problems our country faces; by not continually focusing on the foods that are shipped here from other countries for our consumption, that is not safe. I mentioned that earlier above, those are burning questions, and the answers to those questions are very obvious, at least they are obvious to me.

You know what I always say, “You have been warned and informed.” Now, I would suggest that you go and look for books, talk to people who know these dangers exist in the foods that we buy and eat here and our country.

I have read some great books on this topic, and since I love to read, this topic has definitely caused my awareness, to be raised at a all time high, and trust me, when you start looking into this, you will find some startling facts.

i would suggest that you at least, contact the corporations that produce the foods you enjoy, request that they provide you with a comprehensive listing of the all of the ingredients, or whatever it is goes into your favorite foods. Granted, they could give you only what you want to see, if the company or corporation is trying to hide or conceal any harmful things they may be putting in your favorite foods.

If you suspect that they are putting things in your favorite foods that are harmful to you and/or your family, just discontinue using them, or consuming that or those food items.

As I stated earlier, there are alternatives to consuming these foods in question, you can either produce them yourself, or find someone who you can trust to produce your favorite foods as well.

We as consumers, must be more diligent and aware of the things that we consume, because there is a direct correlation between the foods that we buy and consume, along with the diseases and health issues that are directly related to them as well.


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