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Are you Game? Wild Game for Dinner

Updated on May 30, 2008

Many people enjoy eating various types of wild game. Several of the wild game meats are considered gourmet delicacies, and many types of game are considered to be quite healthy.

If anyone in your family enjoys going hunting, you're probably already familiar with various types of wild game. However, you can enjoy wild game even if you don't know anyone who engages in this activity.

The days of having to go hunting to enjoy wild game dinners are gone. While many people do still enjoy hunting, it's also becoming easier and easier to find wild game in many supermarkets as well as on the menus of a number of top restaurants.

Guide to Wild Game Meat

Buffalo/Bison - Buffalo, also referred to as bison, meat is also considered a very healthy meat. It is classified as a red meat, yet is considered to be nutritionally superior to beef. It has more protein than beef. Additionally, this game meat doesn't have as many calories or as much cholesterol as chicken, fish, or ostrich.

Elk - Elk is becoming very popular among foodies and gourmet chefs. Many people feel that elk has the best flavor of all the game meats. As with most types of game, elk has a much lower fat content than beef.

Ostrich - Ostrich is considered to be one of the ultimate health foods. People say that this lean meat tastes very similar to beef. However, it has much less fat and cholesterol than beef. It even has less fat and than chicken or turkey.

Venison - If there is a hunter in your family, there's a good chance that you've tried venison at some point. This lean game is also lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef.

Wild Boar - Wild boar is less fatty than pork and has a sweet, nutty flavor that many people enjoy. While wild boar isn't likely to be described as a particularly lean mean, it does tend to be much leaner than traditional pork.

Preparing Wild Game

If you're interested in learning to cook wild game, it's a good idea to find a few recipes created specifically for use with the type of meat you are preparing. Since wild game tends to be less fatty than other types of meats, the meat cooking techniques you're accustomed to using might not be the best way to approach cooking game. For wild game recipe ideas, see Bay Tables and the Prairie Table Cookbook.


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