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Aroma Electric Kettle and Cordless Tea Kettle

Updated on March 16, 2011

This Electric Kettle Boils Water Fast

The Aroma Hot H2O Express is Amazon's most popular electric kettle because it boils water fast, it’s inexpensive and it’s functional. This kettle even looks pretty on the counter.

If you’re looking for an electric kettle or a cordless tea kettle to brew your favorite tea or cook up instant cereal for the kids, add this stainless steel kettle to your list for consideration.

The top 7 features of this electric kettle include:

1) Heats water to boiling in 3 minutes or less

2) Holds one and half liters

3) Automatic safety shutoff after water boils

4) Easy cleaning

5) Inexpensive - save $50 or more compared to similar products

6) Stainless steel construction

7) No plastic taste

Amazon's Best Electric Kettle

Boils water in 3 minutes or less
Boils water in 3 minutes or less

Cordless Tea Kettle No. 1 Best Seller

Those features offer everything a shopper looks for in a kettle - works fast, not expensive, stainless steel pretty, easy to clean and safe.

Amazon reviewers gave the Aroma Hot H2O Express a 4.5 stars rating from 468 separate reviews.

Its official designation is Aroma AWK-115S Hot H2O X-Press 1 1/2 Liter Cordless Water Heater.

The kettle also features a removable and washable spout filter, a stay-cool handle, non-drip spout, cordless pouring and a water level indicator. It measures about 8 x 8 x 9-inches and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

It also earns Amazon’s No. 1 Bestseller in the “Electric Cookware” and “Hot Pots & Electric Kettles” categories.

Does What It’s Supposed To...

The user reviews provide us with insights we can’t discover from a manufacturer’s description. With that in mind, let’s go over a few highlights from the users’ views to gain a perspective on whether or not this kettle will suit your needs.

My favorite is: “It does what it’s supposed to...” When you buy a tool, it’s supposed to do what it’s supposed to do. That’s simple and easy to understand. Although not very descriptive, it gets to the nub of the matter - it does the job and this person is okay with that. The reviewer is writing: All I wanted was a basic electric kettle that was easy to use and that’s precisely what I got.

To start, users found numerous tasks for this electric kettle like making tea, instant coffee, hot cocoa, instant noodles, instant soup and instant cereal.

Other users found it a great help in making pasta. Boil the water first in this water kettle and then add it to pot that cooks the pasta. Because this cordless tea kettle heats the water fast, as opposed to the stovetop, you’re saving energy. And time. And money.

An Energy Saver

Reviewers noted that it’s a waste of energy to heat water in a microwave because this electric kettle can heat it much quicker.

Reviewers who lived in England, said the English used their electric tea kettles to heat water for washing dishes. It was more efficient than running hot water through long water pipes.

A housekeeper used her cordless tea kettle to warm water for household chores. The water stays warm in the pot for more than an hour.

It’s a quick and safe way to boil water. You can leave the room without worrying about it boiling over. And it’s not easily breakable like glass kettles.

Reviewers found that the pot is light even when full. That’s a plus for people with wrist problems and the elderly.

Good and Clean Water

Many reviewers commented that the water boiled in this electric kettle leaves no aftertaste. The water was “good and clean,” said one reviewer. Others were appreciative that the water had no plastic smell or plastic taste, which can be a problem in plastic kettles. Quite simply, the stainless steel construction leaves no bad taste.

If an aftertaste in your boiled water is an issue for you, this stainless steel electric kettle may fill the bill.

The spout is perfectly designed so you’ll never spill a drop.

There’s one warning to take note of though. The pot does get hot after the water is boiled, so be careful around children. Of course care should be exercised around any electrical appliances on the counter.

Fill Level Display Hard to Read

Some reviewers said the kettle failed to shut itself off at times. This kettle has an automatic shut-off safety switch after the water comes to a boil. For the automatic shut-off switch to work, the lid must be closed tightly.

Another complaint centered around the fill level display. Users found the display hard to read because it’s located behind the handle.

A few people found the kettle loud. One named it “The Little Steamboat.” On the other hand, one user said it was too quiet. It didn’t make any noise, he commented, so he never knew when the water had boiled.

One user liked the “art deco” look of the stainless steel kettle. Another wrote that after a year of use, the kettle still looked like new.

Boils Water Fast and It’s Inexpensive

In summary, it came down to a few simple features that convinced people to buy this electric kettle: It boiled water fast, was functional and inexpensive.

Users found no reason to pay for fancy toots and whistles if you just needed water boiled fast. Fill it, set it on the base, turn on and in two minutes you have boiled water. That’s close to magical.

The cordless feature was also appreciated as was the efficient use of energy in heating the water quickly.


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