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As Seen On TV Slicers - Which is Which

Updated on June 29, 2010

As Seen On TV Slicers

It seems like no matter what channel you turn on or what time of day it is, there is always another new infomercial for as seen on tv Vegetable slicers that are the new miracle slicer to stop your eyes from watering or save you hours of chopping veggies. Whether it is the infamous spokes people or a new face and voice, we all get drawn into these and they all look amazing. The thing that we don't always think about is how many options we have and what is actually out there. What I would like to do is walk you through some of the more popular as seen on tv slicers and help to make sense out of which one may be the right one for you.

Slap Chop.

If you live in the USA or even the UK, you have seen the famous Slap Chop. With an energetic spokesperson and some funny one liners about nuts, martinis and bikinis, the Slap Chop makes you want to go out and buy one so you can slap your troubles away and take them out on your veggies. The Slap Chop is designed to help chop veggies, fruits and nuts. You can use them for recipes and cooking, as toppings for ice cream and desserts or even just to chop up eggs and veggies for egg salads and mixes. The Slap Chop seems great if you don't need to chop huge amounts of veggies and fruits. This is one that hasn't sucked me in yet but I know plenty of people who have bought them and the reviews are mixed but overall they are happy with their purchase.

V Slicer.

The V Slicer is a mandoline styled veggie slicer. What the V Slicer enables you to do that a traditional mandonline vegetable slicer doesn't allow is that you can slice thin and thick (standard for some mandonline slicers) but you can also julienne and dice food. Instead of just slicing you can dice which is also somewhat like making chopping to a dice a whol lot easier. The other thing I like about some sites where you can buy the v slicer is that the v slicer sometimes comes with a finger guard to protect you from slicing off the tips of your fingers. If you have ever used a food mandoline you know how scary they can be, that is why I like the V Slicer that comes with the finger guard. The V Slicer is perfect for veggies and even making potatoe chips. This is one I definitely recommend buying.

Bullet Express.

The Bullet Express is the self claimed 8 minute meal machine. Not only does your bullet express machine help enable you to create tons of meals that are oven or cooking ready in under 8 minutes, but it also has an amazing commercial behind it. I have personally not used or gotten to play with one in person, but the minute my food processor breaks this is one that is definitely on my list. I believe it is from the makers of the Magic Bullet beverage machine and because I absolutely loved that one I am going to put my neck out and say that the Bullet Express machine is probably going to be just as good. What is nice about the Bullet Express as opposed to other as seen on tv slicers is that the Bullet Express is an automatic slicer unlike the mandolines or slap machines so there is even less manual work for you to slice your vegetables. If you have the money to spend and want to get buy an as seen on tv slicer that isn't a lid closing plate slicer, a mandonline or a slap slicer then the Bullet Express 8 minute meal machine may be perfect for you.

Speed Slicer.

Much like the V Slicer the Speed Slicer is another mandolin styled as seen on tv slicer. The V Slicer has a famous chef for a spokes person and the difference that I could tell is that the speed slicer comes with containers and unites (at least the version of the infomercial that I saw did). The Speed slicer slices, juliennes, chops and dices fruits, vegetables and pretty much everything that the V Slicer does. The difference is the finger guard on the Speed Slicer. When I was looking at different sites it looks like the Speed Slicer actually comes with one that also holds the food in place. This is a pretty cool vegetable and food slicer and one that I would personally buy, if I needed one. Just like any other mandolin it slices but because of the extra blades it can dice and sort of chop veggies and fruits as well.

Salad Chef.

The salad chef looks and sounds like it is for salads only. The thing is that the Salad Chef not only helps you rinse and spin salads, but you can also slice, dice, julienne, cube and shred fruits, vegetables, some meats and more. The Salad Chef also comes with catching and storage containers that make your life even easier since they attach right to the Salad Chef machine. This is one that when I go on my next diet I am probably going to end up buying. I did fall in love with the salad chef but unfortunately I have no need for one right now.

I hope this review of the different popular as seen on tv slicers has helped you to figure out which as seen on tv slicer is best for you or for your needs. There are a ton of as seen on tv slicer, dicers, choppers and veggie machines out there and if I haven't listed your favorite, feel free to leave it below.


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    • profile image

      Disappointed 6 years ago

      SALAD CHEF is a no no no!!! Don't trust them, it's really shady the way the ordering is set up, nearly impossible to talk to a human, and even tho my order was eventually cancelled I still expect to somehow get screwed. They charge more for shipping and handling than the product itself, heaven forbid you have to return it.

    • profile image

      Wanda 6 years ago

      Salad Chef- Terrible ordering process. I placed an order at the end of October 29 and was billed December 29th. I was never notified that there was a back order. Nor did I know the would hold my credit card information. There was also a mistake in the system were the tried to bill me additional $39. There is never a manger available when you call customer service and my order was not scheduled to arrive until the middle of January. I can not comment on the product, but its not worth them holding your credit card information for months and offer no compensation such as a express delivery.