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Fish Oil: Treatment and Cure Possibilities For Asthma and Respiratory ailments

Updated on September 11, 2012

Practical home remedy revisited

I have childhood memories of my best friend who suffered from those dreaded asthma attacks being rushed to the hospital by his father, struggling to take his next breath. It was a site I would never forget. As a grade school basketball coach, two of my star players could not perform without a puff from their inhalers to open their airways. And when my son, just two years old fell victim to the disease, being given by the doctor a plug-in breathing apparatus along with boxes of Albutorol treatments, the sickness finally hit home.

Working midnights, I babysat my son TomasAnthony in the afternoon. As I attempted to catch a short nap, I would hear a banging on the wall - it was wheezing Tomas, beckoning me to strike up the machine and place the mask on his face for another treatment. All I could think of is his hampered future with this machine and these treatments in his life.

After a while, an epiphany came to me predicated on something my southern mother told me when I was an adolescent boy. "Take this stuff boy! Cod Liver oil melts the muccous off ya chest," Helen said. After seeing for myself what I am about to tell you, I now know why all those grandmothers kept a bottle of the stuff in their medicine cabinets:It wasn't just for kids, they were still taking it themselves!

I rushed to the health food store and purchased a bottle of the fish oil for Tomas. Once establishing that he was not allergic to fish I began to administer a tablespoon a day to him. After a months time, with treatments administered to my son becoming few and far between, there was no more banging on the walls by a gasping Tomas. He became active in play and sport and the breathing apparatus went into the garage never to be used again by him.

What is the exact ingredient in the fish oil that worked for my son? I'm not sure but the EPA and DHA properties in the oil naturally occur within the body but may be at low levels in some people. One fact that is certain, the people of Iceland use the oil consistently and have very low occurences of any respiratory ailments.(If pregnant, nursing or taking any other medicaton consult your doctor before use)

Now, I can only hope that such a simple thing as Fish Oil (Flax Seed Oil if your allergic to Fish) would cure you of Asthma as it did for my son, it might be worth a try.(Also try consuming white fish once or twice a week). There are good oils and there are bad oils for the body; this is one of the good ones. Try the ebook and paperback 'They Imagine A Vain Thing' at


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    • smcopywrite profile image


      7 years ago from all over the web

      this is nice information to have as an asthma sufferer. thanks for writing a great hub.


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