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Atlantic Station's Strip Steaks and Sushi Brings Amazing Foods and High Energy

Updated on September 1, 2009
Strip's Sushi Bar on 2nd Level
Strip's Sushi Bar on 2nd Level

Are you the guy/girl who’s looking for a great affordable burger on your lunch break,  the couple wanting an exquisite meal featuring great steaks in a quiet atmosphere or someone looking for a great night out a live in house DJ and good dining? It doesn’t matter which of these you chose yes to because Atlantic Station’s Strip Steaks and Sushi is for all of the above. Whether you’re a family wanting a good eat, a student looking for an evening scene, or a couple wanting a nice romantic dinner: Strip Steaks and Sushi caters to all. Their all day menu ranges from $10.00 burgers, sandwiches, salads and appetizers – to 30.00 lamb, steak and lobster dinners enabling them to cater to just about any budget.  Strip Steaks and Sushi is NOT your typical steak house. It is a chef driven restaurant combining American dining with an Asian flair. All meals are made from scratch and cooked to order. This means that nothing is prepared until you place your order. Also, all fish, meats and select ingredients are handpicked by the executive chef so you know you’re getting the best selection. From aged steaks - to fresh sushi, guests can expect a premium product/ dining experience that still fits their budget.. Knowing this, customers can expect this to not only be a place that fits the budget or all diners but also a place where quality food and chef picked recipes will be served.

Strip's Sky Bar
Strip's Sky Bar

On top of being reasonably priced, they are also well rounded in their themes. Strip has a high energy atmosphere that showcases 3 levels to enjoy. The 1st level includes the main dining room, outdoor patio facing Atlantic Station's central park and a private dining room. This is a great place for those wanting to celebrate and anniversary, enjoy a first date or enjoy a special occasion. There is a great romantic and charming ambiance as well as relaxing - yet high energy atmosphere which enables its customers to enjoy their dining experience.  There is also an outside patio for those wanting to enjoy fresh air or a good look at the Atlantic Station Courtyard. The 2nd level is a  place of high energy, live DJ and social gathering. Those wanting a great night spot to hang out with friends and enjoy a lively atmosphere will love what’s offered. On top of the live DJs, open sushi/drink bars and outdoor balcony; the 2nd floor also includes the same full menu enabling those who enjoy its atmosphere to also enjoy great dining. The third level is the sky bar - a cabana style rooftop area for those wanting to relax and enjoy a south beach atmosphere. With lounge chairs, an outside bar and a great sky view, it’s definitely a place where you can enjoy an intimate conversation or just wind down in the relaxing atmosphere.

Sushi at Strip
Sushi at Strip

Personally, while writing a review concerning this particular restaurant, I wanted to check out the night atmosphere on my own. I was impressed with the three stories having their own themes. The bottom was more quiet though still a bit loud due to the DJ's music from upstairs. Upstairs, there were not alot of chairs but was a great atmosphere is relaxation as many people stood around the bar, hung out on the balcony or enjoyed a bite at the sushi bar. I decided to try the Super Crunch Roll and the Spicy Yellowtail. Both were amazingly delicious. I would recommend you try the Super Crunch Roll on your visit. Its a combination of salmon, avocado, and shrimp tempura. I absolutely love it! Steaks are amazing as well. As i've said before - they are hand picked and aged so you'll definitely get your moneys worth.

Check out my full review here:


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