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Automated Bread manufacturing

Updated on August 14, 2012

Bread manufacturing

Bread manufacturing is a process of mixing of bread ingredients and prepare a proper dough of the Ingredients, after making of dough , dough is divided, rounded, moulded and proofed, after proofing ,the products is further passed through the baking oven to bake the product. The product i.e. bread is ready for cooling, slicing and packing .


1. Wheat Flour

2 . Yeast

3. Sugar

4. Salt

5. Water

6. Shortening agent (like hydrogenated vegetable oil)

7. Milk or milk powder etc.

8 Preservatives/Emulsifiers/Improvers/Conditioners

Dissolve the yeast in water with the addition of sugar and litlle flour in it, stirr the ingredients until it forms a homogeneous solution. Temperature of the mixture will be 30degC – 35deg c. Now add salt in another dough bowl containing residual water. Mix thoroughly to make a homogeneous solution.

Now yeast sugar solution and salt solution is ready.Take the proper amount of flour, first mix with sugar yeast solution by mixing machine, after complete mixing add to it salt solution to form proper dough.Other additives are added in this stage After complete water, sugar and salt mixing, add the shortening in the dough mixer to make a smooth and soft dough.

The dough is pass through the divider and rounder.From the rounder it should go to moulder, in the moulder it is kept for final proofing. After final proofing in the mould It will take 40-70 minutes at temperature 40 deg C) it is pass through baking open where temperature control around 200deg C -300deg C ad the baking time around 15-30 minutes.

After complete baking of the dough, that is baked bread is allow to pass through cooling zone to cool the bread at 30degC, Natural cooling would take around 2-3 hours to cool the bread .

After cooling the bread, it is passed through the slicer to slice the baked loaves and then wrapping bread with the help of wrapping machine . Now bread is ready for dispatch to distributors or retailers


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      noria farooqui 8 years ago

      lovely keep it up


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