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Avocados; the Super Food

Updated on May 9, 2013

What makes an avocado so healthy?

Health has been an increasing focus in our nation. There are all kinds of vitamins, supplements, exercise programs, etc that are dedicated to making you healthier, leaner and better looking. What if you could find all of that in a single fruit?

The avocado is not only a delicious and versatile fruit, research has shown that it has incredibly powerful health benefits. They are one of the most nutrient-dense foods, as in there are more nutrients in this single item than almost any other. Avocados are high in fiber, potassium, vitamin E, magnesium and are among the fruits with the highest folate,

The monounsaturated fat in the avocado alone can hold its claim for being a Super Food. Oleic acid is the monounsaturated fat in an avocado, which lowers cholesterol. Studies show that after only a week of incorporating it into your every day diet can significantly decrease both total and LDL cholesterol. Some as much as 11%. Oleic acid also increases fat metabolism. An avocado can greatly increase weight loss.

The avocado is rich in anti-oxidants. Carotenoid, lutein and zeaxanthin are all powerful anti-oxidants. Avocados can decrease the amounts of acidic waste that accumulate within the body. These anti-oxidant with the help of the amino acids also within the avocado reduce the appearance of age spots and scars, soothes inflammation, and helps the body's immune system to heal the skin quicker. It also has been proven to boost the formation of collagen, causing skin to look more radiant, and diminish wrinkles.

At the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in San Diego, California, it was presented that the avocado may help fight off heart disease and cancer. Further research is required, but preliminary studies showed a decrease in cancer cells, when they were exposed to the fat specifically in avocados. Avocados help in smooth blood flow and lower blood pressure, eliminating the chances of heart disease in many people. The better blood circulation can also affect the brain, leading to a better memory, quicker responses and a stronger ability to learn.

So what do you do with the mushy green fruit?

Well, you can do almost anything with it.

  • Cut it into slices and mix it in with a salad.
  • Spread it on toast like it is butter.
  • Smash it and mix it with low calorie salsa for a dip, or a dressing
  • Cut it into slices and use it as a finger food for toddlers
  • Mashing it and using it as baby food
  • Swap for mayo on your sandwiches or burgers

  • Blended into a smoothie
  • Added to omelets
  • Cucumber avocado soup
  • Used as relish on turkey dogs
  • Added to tacos
  • Eaten in a wrap with veggies
  • As a side item
  • With Shrimp

Do you like the taste of avocados?

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    • c mark walker profile image

      Charles Mark Walker 4 years ago from Jasper Georgia

      In the Philippines avocados are eaten with sugar added.Diced with sweetened condensed milk is one way of having it. I prefer guacamole which I make with lime juice with or without either a little sour cream or mayonnaise. Try avocados in your next frittata added at the last minute.

    • valeriebelew profile image

      valeriebelew 4 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

      That's interesting, triscuts, cheese and alvocados together. ;-)

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 4 years ago from Planet Earth

      You just reminded me I need to buy some avocados on my next grocery trip! I eat them often at restaurants, but I love having them around for my own recipes and snacks. Want a great and easy snack idea? Triscuits, with a small piece of Swiss cheese and a slice of avocado. Yummy!

      Great and informative hub! Welcome to HubPages - I look forward to reading your hubs!

      Voted up and shared!

    • StitchTheDamned profile image

      StitchTheDamned 4 years ago from Clifton Park, NY

      Thank you for all the comments!

      That is an excellent idea to add them to a smoothie!

    • valeriebelew profile image

      valeriebelew 4 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

      Great article. I am also a very serious believer in Alvocados. They also work quite nicely in fruit and veggie combo smoothies, in which they help add smooth texture, and of course add to your daily two and a half required amount of vegetables daily. Thanks for writing about this wonderful vegetable, and some of its help benefits.

    • xmags profile image

      Xeng 5 years ago from Philippines

      I've never really liked avocados but having read so much about its benefits has made me a fan. I hope I can learn to love this fruit so much and reap the benefits you mentioned above. Thank you so much for sharing. :) Voted up and interesting.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Avocados are lovely on any sandwich. I just slice them and lay them on the bread. I also like them in wraps and in a pita with some sprouts and cheese.

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      This hub about avocados has encouraged me to eat them more regularly. And, I've never heard of cucumber avocado soup, but I sure am going to try and make it. It sounds wonderful!

    • StitchTheDamned profile image

      StitchTheDamned 5 years ago from Clifton Park, NY

      Thanks so much!

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 5 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      I love avocados! I'm glad they're healthy. They're fatty, but the fats are of the healthy variety.

      I use avocados in many ways, but I have never actually thought of spreading it on bread like it's butter!

      Thank you for sharing this useful information with us. Voted up.

      Welcome to HubPages, by the way.

    • ThelmaC profile image

      Thelma Raker Coffone 5 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

      You can't beat the taste of guacamole especially on a taco!