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Avoid Buying the EarthBox Garden Kit until you read this

Updated on April 15, 2009

Warning about buying the Earthbox

Yes, I agree the Earthbox is a GREAT system for growing all sorts of plants (we own 3 of them) – but there’s a BIG problem that way too many people are making when their considering buying this product.

The problem is this: None of the sellers of the Earthbox are going to tell you that you can buy it for less somewhere else! So you end up overpaying – and it can be by a lot.

Most people search a number of websites and thinking they’ve found the best price - when in fact MOST of the time there is a much better price available if you know where to look.

I know what you’re thinking – who’s got the time to look at 50 websites and auction sites!

I agree – I used to waste a ton of time doing that because I was sick and tired of paying what I THOUGHT was the best price only to find it far cheaper a short time later!

That frustration drove me to find a solution!

What I found was a FREE piece of software that does TWO very important things for me

#1) This shopping software searches a whole bunch of websites at the same time and finds me the best price that available. It’s like have a ‘price comparison’ robot working for me.

#2) The results of the search show up instantly on my computer screen so I can buy what I want at the best price in record time! What used to take me hours to accomplish now takes just a couple of minutes!

Like I said this software is absolutely free to use! It’s called ‘My Shopping Genie’

Just go the website and download it and do a search just like you normally would using any one of the major search engines.

This whole process is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. Then, every time you shop online you’ll be saving TIME & MONEY!

So if you’re really serious about buying a Earthbox for growing amazing plants easily then do yourself a favor and save money on all of your online purchases. Go here and received your free ‘shopping genie’ and THEN go shopping.

Here is a product description of what come with the Earthbox kit.

Garden box (with wheels) growing kit with fertilizer, dolomite, 2 germination covers

Perfect for cultivating Herbs, Vegetables, and Flowers

Uses little space so it’s great for windowsills, decks, balconies

Sets up in just a couple of minutes. Grow anywhere, indoors or outdoors

Just add planting mix, seedlings and water; includes easy instructions

Measurements 30 by 13-1/2 by 12 inches (l x w x h); 2-1/2-cubic-foot soil capacity

Product Reviews - Testimonials

I purchased 2 EarthBoxes to test my green thumb with vegetables. For comparison, I planted 2 tomato plants in my first EarthBox and 2 tomato plants in some inexpensive flower/vegetable pots that use the same "water from below" concept. For the first week and a half, there wasn't much of a difference between the Earthbox and the pots, but soon after, the plants in the EarthBox started to pull ahead. After 4 weeks, the plants in the EarthBox are one and a half times the size of the other plants, have much more foliage and are much more mature.

I'm sure a number of variables combine to yield these results, and for me, that's the beauty of the EarthBox; it provides water and fertilizer, and the cover gives protection from weeds and from pests like snails and slugs. Plus, it's easy to set up and to maintain.

My second EarthBox is growing bell peppers, cucumbers and some peas that have grown so well, they look like they want to do battle with my wysteria. So far, I'm very impressed and highly recommend the EarthBox system.

JK, Gold River, CA

Amazing Earth Box results,

I have six bush tomato plants. Two are in the earthbox on the deck and the rest in other containers. The plants in the earthbox are a rich hunter green and are so heavy with tomatoes I've had to tie them up twice. The other plants are spindly by comparison and have a few tomatoes per plant. The other earthbox has bush cucumber and eggplant and they are producing an abundance of beautiful vegetables. No matter what the weather watering is as easy as turning on the hose and there is no maintenance, weeding or even bugs to contend with. As a senior citizen this makes it easy for me to garden. I am so delighted with the earthbox that I plan to order several more next spring for some pepper plants and more tomatoes. If you love fresh vegetables and gardening don't hesitate to buy one or more earthboxes and get the staking accessory too. You will not be sorry you did

By Ipipina the Italian Diva, Clarksville, Maryland

Earthbox review:

This is my first year using the EarthBox system and I am wonderfully impressed. I will be using this item for many years to come. I did container gardening last year and used many types of containers from standard pots to the upside down garden. I had pretty good results but had a difficult time keeping up with the watering. I didn't know that once tomato plants get large, they are very, very, very thirsty!

I debated between the EarthBox system and another sold by Gardener's Supply. The EarthBox system offered an optional automatic watering system and that was the deciding factor. Set up of the system is pretty simple. Open the box, add good potting mix, water and seeds/transplants. Fertilizer and dolomite are included in the kit. There is a plastic cover (an extra is included) that goes over the box to prevent rainwater etc from entering. Since the plants get all of their needed water from the reservoir in the bottom of the box, additional water from above could result in over watering. I started with two boxes and loved the system so much that now I own seven. My deck garden now has tomatoes, eggplants, cantaloupe, watermelon, varieties of peppers, zucchini and butternut sqash. After 4 weeks my pepper plants are taller and healthier than last year's plants at the 12 week mark. They seem to be able to handle most vegetables as I've planted okra and seen others with 6 to 7 ft tall corn and pole beans. I'm not the best when it comes to dealing with bugs and another great benefit is that since they are on my deck, these are bug free.

I also no longer have to worry about uneven watering and taking care of them while I am on vacation. I added the automatic watering system which fills the reservoir whenever it is below the desired level. I was able to leave home for a long weekend and return to plants that were just as healthy as when I left. The current Amazon price of $39 is excellent. The lowest price found locally for me was $69. The system will require an additional investment in years to come as you eventually need new plastic covers. Fertilizer can be bought anywhere so that isn't a problem. Living in Minnesota, I don't have a very long gardening season. So having a system that produces such healthy and fast growing plants is a huge benefit. And so far, I have found this to be the most low maintenance system I have seen. My neighbors think I am an amazing gardener when all I really did was follow the instructions. I added photos and will add more as the season progresses. L. Adams


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    • profile image

      growing beans 7 years ago

      Thanks for the information. glad i was able to read this article before buying the earthbox.

    • profile image

      Maralyn Lewis 7 years ago

      My 2 tomato plants that I put in the Earth Box from last year GREW BACK. I let them set out in the horrible snow and ice and did not even uncover it. This year - I was shocked to see that they had both grown back and had forged their way back thru the same slits in the plastic top! They now are tall - over 4 feet for one and about 3 feet for the other one and they have little yellow blooms on them. This is the first time I have ever had that happen!