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Awesome Beets for Your Beeping Beeping Heart

Updated on October 26, 2012

Beets- Eat all You Can- Can All You Can't

Summer and Fall here in Western North Carolina is a time of bounty and this year the horn of plenty has been full of those wonderful vegetables we Southerner like and are prone to put away in canning jars. Green beans of all varieties have been plentiful. Half runners, Greasy cut shorts, and even bunch beans like the infamous Blue Lake. October Shelly's have given us plenty of dried beans put into quart mason jars and so much better than the pinto will make for some fine eating this winter with home made chow chow and some good crusty corn bread.

We discovered on our carport this weekend several five gallon buckets of beets. Beets are a healthy vegetable and may be pickled or simply canned without pickling. We like them with dried beans and my wife often encourages our grandsons to "Eat some beets! They are good for your beeping beeping heart" as she places her hand over her heart to emphasize the beeping.

We are thankful for all the vegetables we have been able to can this year. Having them in our freezer or in jars will save money at the grocery store and we know the quality of the vegetables is always good. Beets may be found in your local produce markets and are not hard to preserve or to can in your pressure canner.The health benefits of eating beets. are huge.


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