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Awesome Restaurants in Lahore

Updated on November 24, 2016

Lahore, a city in Pakistan is known for its food. People who live in Lahore are called Lahori/Lahoris. And Lahoris are true foodies. They are food lovers and appreciate good food in every way. Although, a homemaker cooks delicious dishes at home; but there is a trend of eating out in the city. Thus restaurants do great business here and there are plenty of them. If you visit Lahore, it might be difficult for you to choose between restaurants and cafes; because there are plenty of them.

Here in this article I will try to post about some of the best out there. Let me say, it is quite hard to choose between eateries here, still I will try.

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Naan Bun Paneer

Naan Bun Paneer is a new restaurant, but already very famous among foodies. You can get your favorite chicken dishes and desserts here.

You will find good variety of food here. Almost everything is really good.


Howdy is a Cowboy themed restaurant. They know how to grill their steaks and pate. Burgers at Howdy are incredibly tasty. Ambiance is also good.

The best choice when it comes to eating burgers.

Jalal Sons

Jalal Sons is my personal favorite for customized pizza and sandwiches. There are limited grocery items (mostly relevant to food) also.

So you can do some shopping while they prepare your food order.

Other Fast Food Chains

In case you are visiting Lahore and aren't used to local food. There are other multinational fast food chains in Lahore. For instance KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Hardee's, Subway, Fatburger and more.

Almost all such food brands have their outlets in Gulberg area. So you can look for them.

Nisa Sultan

I would recommend an eatery called Nisa Sultan, if you want to enjoy Turkish food in Lahore.

Norouz Restaurant

A foodie can satisfy his or her craving for Persian cuisine here. They specialize in Persian food and serve you the best of it.

Butt Restaurant

Butt Restaurant is a must visit for anyone who is interested in local food. They make amazing mutton/chicken Karahi in desi ghee.

Khan Baba

Khan Baba Restaurant in Johar Town is also a nice place for local food.

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan is an old food chain, specializing in Chicken tikka and BBQ.

More Restaurants

That's not it. There are plenty of other options. There is a discussion forum called Lahore Talk. On this forum you can find hundreds of options and judge the place by what people are saying about it on the forum.


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