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Awesome Snack Onion flavored Funyuns

Updated on September 18, 2012
small bag of Funyuns
small bag of Funyuns | Source
Open bag of Funyuns
Open bag of Funyuns | Source

History Tidbit

In 1969 Funyuns was invented by one of the Frito Lay's employees from Texas. Ray Trinidad of Arlington, Texas, was inspired by the onion ring. Which when you look at Funyuns, they do remind you of the classic onion ring because of their circular ,"ring shaped", design and onion flavor but for me that is where the resemblance ends.

Funyuns are too yellow, too crunchy with a bit of a tangy taste which contributes to the Funyun breath, that seems to be derived from the garlic salt powder that is added at the end of the frying process.

There was one name chosen for this corn snack before It got it's official brand name, 'Funyuns' and that was because 'OnYums', was already taken by another snack food company.

This is a product of Pepsico's, Frito Lay company. It's interesting to me that most of us just regulate Pepsico to it's beverages, over looking the fact that Frito Lay is also under the giant's umbrella.

What they are made of - Recipe

Funyuns are made from cornmeal, water, with salt, onion and garlic seasonings. This is the basic recipe, which may be why they're so good. Because they are so simple and satisfying!


The extrusion process causes the ring shape and texture, created from a hollow tube.

  • Cut
  • Fried
  • Seasoned
  • Bagged

Where they are made

The process seems easy enough and yes, they are fried, and this all takes place in Perry, Georgia. Perry is in south Georgia, about an hour or so south of Atlanta, Georgia's capital city. It's your typical small town, country town.

Things to know

  • Funyuns are a gluten free snack because it is made of cornmeal.
  • no sugar
  • low sat fat
  • no cholesterol
  • Zero trans fat
  • And Kosher

A marvelous Quick least for me!

Funyuns flavor

They only have tried two other flavors, one with Wasabi which is now discontinued and the Flaming Hot, which is still on the market.

Places to buy

Grocery stores, drug stores, service stations, vending machines, etc, basically anywhere you can find snacks.

Best deals, i have found are at Walmart which carries small bags of Funyuns - 2 for a $1, and i must admit that i take advantage of them because it gives me just enough to satisfy my cravings without too, too much guilt about eating the empty calories or the fried snack.

When Funyuns are available they are my first and only choice, and i have to be very careful because they are the only crunchy snack in which i can lose my will and consume a big big bag without blinking an eye.

But like most of the snack foods on the market Funyuns has a lot of salt even though they are low in calories and carbohydrates in comparison to others.

Go ahead and enjoy some Funyuns especially if you need a gluten free snack!

Celebrity endorsement

  • multi medalist swimmer, Michael Phelps
  • rap singer, Eminem in a hip hop song
  • comedy central skits

A markerFrito Lay plant Perry, Georgia -
Perry, GA, USA
get directions


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