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Tasty food, cakes and snacks for your AFL Grand Final footy party

Updated on September 27, 2012

Staying in - snacks coming up!

Staying home or heading over to a mate's place to watch the AFL (Australian Football League/Australian Rules Football) Grand Final this year? Don't fret too much about missing the thunder of the MCG... the seats will be more comfortable and the food will be cheaper - that's for sure!

Here's some delicious snacks and simple finger food ideas that you can knock up fairly easily at home for you and the family, or cart over to a mate's house to feed a crowd of hungry footy fans.

The traditional pie 'n' sauce

Every true blue Aussie footy fan loves a good ol' Four 'n Twenty meat pie and sauce! But no one really enjoys paying the crazy prices for them at the ground, so chowing down on them (and going back for seconds!) at home is the best way to enjoy this traditional footy snack without breaking the bank. Don't forget the good ol' (free!) dead horse (sauce)!

Stick a bit o' dead 'orse on it!...

Pies and footy... a long-held Australian tradition
Pies and footy... a long-held Australian tradition | Source

'Footy franks' or 'Little Boys'!

"Get out the Tia Maria & pop on the footy franks!"

Thanks to some clever marketing campaigns over the years and a few memorable mentions by the loveable Sharon on the tv show 'Kath and Kim', footy franks have won the hearts and stomachs of Aussies everywhere.

You can find Footy Franks or "little boys" (as Kim calls Cocktail Frankfurters on Kath & Kim) at all major supermarkets. Don, Huttons and KR Castlemaine all make them.

This is just as quick and easy as meat pies to dish up for a big crowd... so grab a platter (oval, of course! ;) and crack open the tomato sauce for dipping.

Oval cake tins and football shaped molds

Footy oval cake

Not just for kids parties... everyone loves a good themed cake! (but this would be an extra fun idea if you've got kids around the house on grand final day)

Liven up your favourite plain vanilla butter cake or chocolate cake recipe by decorating it to look like a football oval.

All you need is:

  • some green food colouring/dye
  • a piping bag or icing kit (optional - if you're in a hurry you can simply spread the frosting on and it'll look just as cool, but it's nice to have to pipe out the white lines.
  • an oval shaped cake tin
  • desiccated coconut to sprinkle on the top to make grass texture
  • musk sticks for the goal posts
  • Kit Kats or your favourite chocolate bars to "fence" the edges of the cake
  • Easter eggs or any oval shaped lollies (or alternatively oval shaped baking molds) for the ball

The rest is up to you! The flavour of the cake, adding your team colours, footy player figurines etc... go mad! Hopefully you've got some footy chocolates or easter eggs saved up!

AFL football cakes inspiration


Or you can make some football cupcakes...

You can use the multi-opening grass/hair tip (number 233) from Wilton to pipe out the frosting to look like the green grass of the footy field on top of the cupcakes.

Or you can add some team pride to your cupcakes by icing them in your team's colours. You can also use mini M&Ms and a plain piping tip to create the lacing of the football on to of the cupcakes. This looks great on bright red icing that resembles the red Sherrin ball.

Bright football cupcakes with lacing detail
Bright football cupcakes with lacing detail

Here's another way to use the musk stick "goal posts". They make the perfect inexpensive cupcake toppers.

Goal posts and ball cupcakes
Goal posts and ball cupcakes

AFL footy cupcake decorations/toppers

Sherrin football cupcake toppers
Sherrin football cupcake toppers | Source
AFL football edible cupcake toppers
AFL football edible cupcake toppers | Source

The ever-popular Aussie dip platter - cheese and kabana

Tasty cheese cubes, sliced kabana/cabana and bikkies!  The stock-standard Aussie "bring a plate"  staple.
Tasty cheese cubes, sliced kabana/cabana and bikkies! The stock-standard Aussie "bring a plate" staple.

Nachos El Grande

Find the recipe on Double Plugga -
Find the recipe on Double Plugga - | Source

What about a traditional Aussie BBQ on Grand Final Day?

Don't forget all the trimmings!
Don't forget all the trimmings!

red Sherrin biscuits (cookies)

Here's an even more simple idea - knock up some plain bikkies (or if you're in a hurry just buy some plain biscuits (cookies) from the supermarket) and top them with some bright red icing and use a piping bag or kit to decorate them with stitching/laces and perhaps a logo to look like Sherrin footballs.

Aussie footy party food poll

What's your food or snack of choice for watching the AFL Grand Final?

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