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Awww Nuts! Enjoy These 5 Nuts For Better Health

Updated on April 11, 2017

A recent study conducted by 29 international scientists who had their work published in BMC Medicine found that eating more nuts can help you live a longer and healthier life. The study found that eating a handful of nuts per day will help you reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke. Eating more nuts can also reduce your chances of death from respiratory disease, diabetes and even infections.

Tree nuts are great for you, easy to find in stores and taste wonderful what else can you ask for in easting healthier?! There are 5 tree nuts that are particularly good for you and they are discussed here along with their nutrients and health benefits. Remember that even though peanuts are called nuts, and often found in store with the other nuts, they are actually a legume since they grow underground and not in trees.

1. Almonds

These popular and tasty nuts are high in fiber, vitamin B and E as well as riboflavin. The key to maximizing the health benefits with almonds is to stick to the non-processed nuts without the sugars.

There have been studies, including a 2010 University of Pennsylvania report, that indicate that almonds can reduce diabetes markers as well a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease and heart disease. An ounce of almonds will provide you up to 37% of daily vitamin E needs.

Almonds are an easy to find nut that tastes great and can work well added to salads and other dishes or just snack on a handful to enjoy better health. Almond milk, especially unsweetened, is another great way to add the benefits of almonds to your daily routine,

2. Pistachios

These little green nut gems taste great and are good for you! These can be great plain or with some spicy seasoning and still maintain their health benefits.

Pistachios are high in vitamins B1 (thiamin), B6 and K. they also have a good portion of fiber, copper and potassium to round out their nutritional benefits. The health benefits are even better and have been shown to raise blood antioxidant levels which tempers out cholesterol. Another study also found that these tasty little nuts can lipid and lipoprotein levels which can help lower your risk of heart disease.

3. Cashews

Cashews are a great tasting and very versatile nut that has great health benefits and many ways to incorporate them into your diet. A study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry found that cashews may boost your mood and can help alleviate depression due to their combination of tryptophan, magnesium, vitamin B6 and omega 3's.

If that wasn't enough of a benefit these nuts are also high in vitamin K, copper, iron and phosphorus. These nuts make great nut butter as well as tasty cashew milk to add to your morning coffee.

4. Walnuts

These great nuts, who always remind me in tiny little brains, taste amazing and now you have an excuse to eat them more often. Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, copper and almost half your daily needs of magnesium.

The extremely high antioxidant levels in walnuts make them awesome for fighting heart disease. These tasty nuts are also wonderful for helping you get a better nights sleep since they have a good amount of tryptophan and melatonin. A better night sleep, fight heart disease and tastes great you can't ask for ore than that for a late night snack!

5. Pecans

These are probably my favorite nut whether I just snack on them or they are sugar glazed or even in a pie. These great nuts are high in manganese, copper, omega 3's and vitamin B1 (thiamin) so they have a lot of nutritional qualities. I should probably avoid eating them in pies too often but pecans taste great by themselves as well.

A research study done recently at Texas A&M University showed that a diet with pecans raised the participants levels of dietary fiber as well as thiamin, manganese, and copper. Pecan consumption has also been linked to show reduced markers for some heart disease. A great tasting snack with plenty of health benefits.

Incorporating more nuts into your daily diet are a wonderful way to had nutritional value and help reduce your risk for many diseases. The fact that a few have an extra benefit of helping you have a good nights sleep just makes them even more of a perfect bedtime snack.

These nuts are great on their own, made into a nut butter or milk and even a splurge sometimes and use them in a sweet snack or dessert. These are just a few of the nuts with health benefits but these are so easy to find in the store and won't really break the budget to eat a little healthier. I always love to find easy and flavorful ways to improve my diet and health and nuts are the way to go!


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