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Updated on September 25, 2015

A look at Baby Brezza

Anyone who has raised, or helped to raise, a small child of below something like two years old can tell you that one of the hardest parts is preparing the little one’s food. If you are not skilled or are simply unlucky, you will have food with inconsistent texture, milk formula with powder lumps and several other mishaps. How do you ensure that you prepare the child’s food in just the right way? Baby Brezza pro is quite literally technology’s gift to parents and child caretakers everywhere. It is a great device designed to automate food preparation thus making the process of preparing your young child’s food faster, more efficient and sterile. The formula mixer helps you to prepare the child’s milk bottle while the food maker part is used to blend, mince or mash the baby’s food.

Who is it made for?

This product is designed for:

1. Parents and guardians with children below the age of two or three.

2. Child day care centers.

3. Babysitters and nannies taking care of children below three.


1. Body and removable parts are made of plastic

This is a great feature for several reasons. The first reason is that plastic is very easy to clean which makes maintenance easy. Plastic is also great because it is an insulator and is thus safe to handle even when the Baby Brezza formula pro one step food maker has been using heat. Finally, plastic is rust proof which is great due to the constant exposure to water.

2. It uses patented formula mixing technology

It measures the amount of formula to be dispensed depending on the amount of water you want used. Thus ensures that the final product is a perfect balance between water and the formula for your baby’s sake. This means that you no longer have to waste time struggling to get the right amount of water for the mixture. It also eliminates chances of inconsistently mixed baby formula as the machine mixes the two ingredients thoroughly before release.

3. Temperature control ability

Getting the right temperature of food or milk for a child is very important. When the food is too hot it might burn them. When the food is too cold it could put the child at risk of getting a cold. The Baby Brezza helps to overcome this setback using the temperature controller. It maintains heated food or formula mixture at ninety eight degrees which is the safest temperature for a baby.

4. It has airtight storage containers for water and the formula

Without the Baby Brezza, a lot of time is wasted locating the milk formula, heating the water and mixing the two to prepare a baby’s bottle. The machine overcomes this delay by availing containers for storage of water and the formula. This means that you can prepare the bottle at any time with little hustle. The fact that they are air tight makes them safe as the contents cannot be contaminated.

5. Measurements are 18 by 11 by 11

This is a nice and compact size which makes it easy to carry around allowing you to use in different parts of your home. You can even travel with it if you wish. The small size makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen as it takes up very little countertop space.

6. Multi-compatible

It does not limit users to specific brands of milk powder and will work the same with any that you put in the container. It is also compatible with any shape and size of milk bottle.

Pros of Baby Brezza formula pro one step food maker

· Easy to clean.

· Sterile processes thus safe for the baby.

· Rust proof.

· It is fast.

· Is easy to use.

Cons of Baby Brezza formula pro one step food maker

• Although the plastic is easy to clean, it can be stained by highly pigmented foods such as carrots and pumpkins.
• It runs on electricity and thus cannot be used in places without power.


Q. Does it mix well or is there need to stir or shake before feeding the baby?

A. No. The mixing technology is extremely thorough for perfect consistency.

Q. Can this machine be used with Dr. Brown baby bottle?

A. Yes. It is compatible with all bottle types and sizes.

Q. What could be making my Baby Brezza work slowly and noisily?

A. The filter system could be clogged. Remove filters, clean and try again.

Bottom line

The Baby Brezza is obviously a great product that is bound to make the user’s life a whole lot easier. So whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift for a new parent, it is definitely a worthy investment.


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