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Homemade Bacon, Easy Dry Cure Bacon Recipe

Updated on December 5, 2012


Bacon elemental chart
Bacon elemental chart | Source

See Why This Bacon Recipe Gets 5 Starts!

5 stars for Homemeade Bacon


As I considered where to place this article among the many food and cooking categories available, I was shocked to find that "Bacon" does not have its very own category! I mean really, it's bacon! If ever a food item deserved its own category, its own level of culinary attributes, its own carefully developed place to reside on the web, it has got to be bacon. Since one does not exist thus far, I am forced to place this article among the drab and mundane meats and poultry where I am certain it will stand out with all of its smoky-salty goodness, shaming the other meat items into a state of emotional inadequacy. Now that it has been placed where it may not belong, we shall endeavor to embark to know it, love it, eat it,...all for the love of bacon!

Bacon can be a classy undertaking

Bacon and Martini's
Bacon and Martini's | Source

For Love and Makin' Bacon!

Nothing makes a bacon lovers heart beat more seductively than the thought of a personally made smokey slab of bacon. The near thought that some one would make our crispy, favorite meat just for us, is simply beyond what we can imagine. The freshest, leanest most personally balanced slab of taste bud pleasin' meat made to your specific liking! Nothing says I love you as does this smoking Bacon gesture.

Show your love and strike out of the normal day-to-day kitchen boredom. Go get a nice slab of pork and make the bacon loving love in your life his or her own homemade bacon! Who can actually say that they have received this experience or have offered up this gift? Makes for great water-cooler conversation at least and makes for the best bragging rights at best, (besides, it's bacon man!)

To help you with your pursuit of making bacon for your loved one, or for love of self for that matter, provided here are three short videos to walk you through the very simple process of home made bacon! It is so much easier than I ever imaged. A good cut of pork belly, a tasty rub, some time and home made smoking on the backyard BBQ and you too can be serving up the pleasures of the best and freshest bacon ever placed on your tongue! There really is nothing like it!

Indulge, enjoy and experiment with making your own truly home made breakfast; no store bought meats, no plastic packaging to cut through, just pure, simple home made bacon!



Making Bacon Part 1



Some extra pointers for "making bacon"

Finding the balance in your home made bacon is key. As a true bacon lover, you should never be intimidated at the idea of making bacon no matter what skill level you have in the kitchen. Once you have the desired balance of salt, sugar and smoke, the process is relatively simple. I thought it was going to be a major undertaking and rife with problems when I set out to concur the bacon dilemma, it is not hard to do at all!

The video above provided you with a recipe for a bacon rub that will be very good. I recommend you try my favorite bacon rub. This is a product that has managed to acquire every element I look for in a cure, with a couple of my own extra, yet easy additions.

  1. Using a really, really sharp fillet knife, remove the rind from the belly. If you prefer to leave the rind on, it's just fine. I feel the rind should always be removed as this allows the flavors to get deeper into the meat. To remove the rind, flip the meat so the rind side is down on your cutting board. Grip the rind with a cheesecloth or clean kitchen towel. Using your other hand, run your knife as close to the rind as is possible, removing the cap-like material.
  2. Combine the Morton's Sugar Cure and brown sugar together in a mixing bowl. Firmly rub the mixture all over each of the bellies being certain to cover each completely. Place each of the bellies in their own heavy duty zip-lock bag. Place the bags inside your refrigerator for at least 7 days and as many as 9 days. Be sure to keep the bags on the bottom shelf, inside a container in case a bag springs a leak. This will keep the meat proteins from cross contaminating other items. Each of the 7 to 9 days, turn each bag over to distribute the curing mixture thoroughly. You will see liquid developing in the bag, this is normal and a really good thing, everything is going as it should!
  3. After the 7 to 9 day period, remove the bellies to a fresh water bath, rinsing each belly very well and allowing them to soak. Empty and replace the water 5 times over the next 4 hours. Remove the bellies from their water bath and dry them completely, It is very important that the meat is dry, as dry as you can it with a towel.
  4. Place the towel dried bellies (bacon at this point, just without the smoke flavor yet) on a rack, with a pan under it inside the refrigerator for about 24 hours. This will evaporate all of the moisture creating a 'crust' for the smoke to adhere to during the smoking step. You don't need to worry about contamination at this point, as the bellies are already salted and cured. (Bacteria doesn't care much for this environment).
  5. Now let's get smokin! If you have a smoking unit that is dedicated to the job of smoking, like the "Webber Smokey Mountain Smoker", by all means use it! If you are like me and have to use a backyard BBQ grill—make certain that NO DIRECT HEAT GETS APPLIED TO YOUR BELLIES.Pick the wood chip flavor you want to add to your bacon; hickory, applewood and even mesquite wood make for the best flavors and can be commonly found in local stores. Allow the bellies to smoke for about 4 hours at 200°F. You should regularly check the bacon bellies with a thermometer keeping an eye on the internal temperature very closely. You want the internal temperature of the bacon bellies to reach 150°F.
  6. Once the bacon has completed the smoking process, remove them from the grill (or smoker) allowing it to rest for about 2 hours. Now you are ready to cut and cook your loved one their own private stock of bacon!

If you wrap a portion of the bacon on foil and place it in your refrigerator for about 10 days or so. If you can't eat 8 pounds of bacon within this amount of time, freeze the larger portion.

The bacon still requires cooking just like the bacon you (never again) buy from a store.


  • 8 pounds of pork belly
  • 2 cups of Morton's Sugar Cure
  • 1 cup dark brown sugar



Making Bacon Part 2


Making Bacon Part 3


Yummy toasted bacon sandwich
Yummy toasted bacon sandwich

Is Cured Bacon the Bacon Cure?

Over the centuries since 4300 B.C., when the Chinese became savvy to the domestication of the portly porker and discovered more than just the good taste provided by pork. Homeopathic medical remedies put bacon to work as well. I am not suggesting you give these a try, but should your desire for complete uses for pork, you may try a few of these medical care methods...(I do suggest having your local ER and doctors' number ready for use.

Bacon Homeopathic Remedies

  • Splinters. If you get a splinter, wrap a piece of bacon around the area where the splinter is located. The grease from the bacon will eventually help the splinter to slide out of your flesh.
  • Warts. raw bacon is one of the supposed remedies for removing the viral skin disorder ( or verrucas). Place a strip of bacon on the bump and wait for the disappearing act to begin.
  • Boils. Put fat from bacon on the boil and let it sit for about fifteen minutes every day. the boil will come to head in three to ten days and will begin to drain on its own. People swear by this method, even as it would seem to defy reason.

"I really like bacon. I was a vegetarian for a year and then I smelled a bacon sandwich at an airport and said 'screw this.' "—Craig Ferguson



Comments for "Homemade Bacon, Easy Dry Cure Bacon Recipe"

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  • vespawoolf profile image

    Vespa Woolf 

    8 years ago from Peru, South America

    I could almost taste the homemade bacon as I read your hub! I'd much rather enjoy it with my eggs than use it to remove a splinter. : )

  • roxsilver profile image


    9 years ago from West Coast

    It never occurred to me to make my own bacon at home, but I do have a smoker so... yay, a new project!

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    10 years ago from Northern, California

    prasetio30~As a medical device, not so much my idea of the highest and best use of bacon...but I may be selfish! Thank you for the read and for stopping by.


  • prasetio30 profile image


    10 years ago from malang-indonesia

    I never eat bacon before. I never thought that bacon also good for medical care. This is a new knowledge for me. Thanks for share with us. ~prasetio

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    10 years ago from Northern, California

    LeanMan~My heart goes out to you ten-fold! I could not imagine a life without bacon. I had no idea it was against the law in Saudi,...see now that's cruel and unusual punishment! I will take the stoning before they can take my bacon! Thanks for the read!


  • LeanMan profile image


    10 years ago from At the Gemba

    I hate you K9, I love Bacon, want nothing now but a nice juicy bacon buttie, but I'm in Saudi Arabia and it is against the law here!!!

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    10 years ago from Northern, California

    humagaia~Nothing says I love ya like bacon, or pork of any kind for that matter! I do love it I have to admitt. My mom would not approve for religious reasons, however, papa makes the best BLT on earth and he says what mama doesn't know can't hurt her! Thanks for the read and for the comments! Think we might just need a bacon club here on hubpages?


  • humagaia profile image

    Charles Fox 

    10 years ago from United Kingdom

    This has got to be the greater hub eve written. Not only is the subject dear to my heart but the information has made me appreciate bacon ever more. Something that I thought was impossible.

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    10 years ago from Northern, California

    Gus~Now that sounds like a task I must try. Perfect home made bacon, cooked in the perfect bacon configuration! Thanks for such a wonderful gift! I appreciatet the read and your perfect "bacon"advice!


  • GusTheRedneck profile image

    Gustave Kilthau 

    10 years ago from USA

    K9K - A very nice writeup and clearcut videos. Thanks. I saw a deal on the TV the other day that showed how to cook some really fancy-looking bacon strips. Aluminum foil was rolled into about 4 or 5 long rolls to a diameter of maybe an inch or thereabouts.The strips were placed parallel to each other on a wide platter. Bacon strips were laid on top of the strips at 90 degrees so that the bacon went over the top of each strip and down again into the spaces between the strips. This made then "wavy" after they finished cooking. The cooking was done in the microwave. (That part mystified me a bit because my own experience with aluminum foil inside a microwave produced lots of "lightning.") Maybe a better description of the finished bacon would be about 3 uppper case "S" letters all connected and lying on their sides.

    Gus :-)

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    10 years ago from Northern, California

    wavegirl22~LOL! Gotta love a bacon remedy. Thank you for the read and comment.


  • wavegirl22 profile image


    10 years ago from New York, NY

    Bacon - what a great topic. Must say that the next time I get a splinter I absolutely know what to do. . wrap a piece around the area and it will ooze itself out,. Brilliant!


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