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Replacement BBQ Grates. Get a Cheap and Heavy BBQ Grate and Boost your Grill's BTU Power!

Updated on October 9, 2010

Brown charring beef on the grill is one of summer's most primal pleasures. But too many of us contend with BBQ's that lack the potency to deliver that heat we dreamt of on those long cold winter nights.

A sad sad state of affairs, but what can be done?

Well, obviously the first and perhaps best solution when dealing with an inadequate machine is to start again - lesson learned - and get the power you deserve. But if that's not immediately in the cards, there is a cheap and easy way to boost your BBQ grill's power, and to deliver a whole lot more performance out of your meager BTUage.

The Grate Makes All the Difference

If you go to a BBQ supply store, and compare the grates of cheap models and of quality BBQs, you will quickly notice the substantial difference in heft and size. Better grills have heavier grates.

You can buy a heavy grate for your cheaper BBQ and get an immediate boost in performance.

Cheap BBQs come as standard with thin grates of stainless steel or steel. These grates do not retain heat well, and when you place a chunk of fridge cooled meat on this low mass metal grate, the meat quickly leaches out all of the heat - leaving you little for your sizzle.

In contrast, the high mass of a quality BBQ's cast iron or porcelain grate absorbs an enormous quantity of heat energy, more than enough to sear on a brown crust to a thick steak.

Top quality BBQ's could almost get away with less massive grates, as they have such great radiant heat energy, but since cheap BBQ's don't tend to boast great BTU scores, they really need what they don't start out with.

Switch Grates

Buy a good quality heavy grate for your cheap BBQ, preheat very well and be amazed at how much better your next batch of steaks come out. Truly night and day, and a performance boost at a fraction of the cost of a new "quality" BBQ.

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