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BONEHEADS Brings Awesome South African Tastes to Atlantic Station

Updated on September 1, 2009
BoneHeads' best seller - "BoneHeads Shrimp"
BoneHeads' best seller - "BoneHeads Shrimp"

Personally, I believe its an awesome concept. If you like FIGO, than you will enjoy this concept as well. I loved the Bonehead's Shrimp. I think it was the best ive ever had from any resturant. If your there and you dont know what to try, that will always be a winner. I asked the GM what his thoughts were on the top 4 dishes and it came out to the following:

1. Bonehead’s Shrimp
2. Half Chicken Platter
3. Grilled Talapia (your choice of covering and sides)
4. Tacos Combo

One worker there told me that the best thing for those who love salads would be to get a ceasar salad paired with a meat of choice.
Bonehead's was started four years ago after a man by the name of Shawn Luptonsmith who was in South Africa and had a seafood
dish with piri piri peppers. He loved it so much he desired to bring the recipe back to the states and start a resturant where others
could enjoy South African seafood at affordible prices. After teaming up with Raving Brands Co., there are now 5 in the state of GA and others in other states after being open only four years!


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