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Truth Behind Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali Products

Updated on February 23, 2016

India - Country of great men like Rajeev Dixit Ji

Since last 2 years, India is more focused on Make in India products which are quite essential for a strong economy. We got independence in 1947 but only from British ruling but in our administration, our living standard is still as was influenced by the Britishers. We never even thought of our own existence and were totally dependent on foreign companies for even the smallest product. From a simple product like toothpaste till the metro trains everything is imported from foreign countries. Thanks to few of the politicians who were more interested in personal gains than the country progress. It is our bad fortune that 70% of our politicians are self-centered and always indulged in pulling legs of each other. Rather there was a strong need of holding hands together even of the opposition to make India Grow and stand strong. Out of this crowd of Politicians, we got much serious and nationalistic great man. Few of them I remember as per my generation are Respected Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji, Shri Rajeev Dixit Ji and Now Shri Narendra Modi ji. But again majority of selfish politician never allowed them to work in the field of growth and progress.

Shri Rajiv Dixit ji was a great social activist who brought the revolution for Swadeshi products and enlightened the citizens with Swaraj. He initiated many nationals movements like Swadeshi Movement and Azadi Bachao Movement. Being a great spokesman, he easily influenced the people through his knowledge and way of speaking. But it was our Misfortune that we lost him on 30th November 2010 in Chattisgarh. God knows the truth behind his death. But many of his followers claimed that Baba Ramdev was the whole sole responsible for his demise. It is absolutely true that initially Rajeev Dixit ji got inspired with the efforts of Baba Ram dev to promote Yoga in the entire country. Due to which he get along with him in many of the stages shows and became the main spokesperson. But what gone wrong between them is not known clearly and why his followers claim Baba Ramdev behind the conspiracy.

Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev If I talk about is quite inspiring in terms of his efforts taken for promoting Yoga not only through the entire country but also across the world. Until then he was a Saint who used to lecture on social well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Later he indulged himself in the production of various grocery and medicine products also. This is sure that he got knowledge about various medicines and other products through the books and research of Shri Rajeev Dixit ji. He is quite remarkable and appreciable in promoting swadeshi products which he produces in-house whatever may be the passage of knowledge. At least, he took steps and followed the path of Shree Rajeev Dixit ji. But the conflict arises when a Saint is more interested in enhancing the Turnover of his company instead of serving the Humanity. Initially when Baba Ramdev came up with Brand name Patanjali saying that he wants to promote swadeshi products he said that he will never indulge himself in turnover and will not spend anything on marketing and promotional activities. And now every third Advertisement on Television is of Patanjali Products. Almost every 3rd day one can find news related to Patanjali Turnover. My question is why a Saint is that much interested in making money and Turnovers. If he is a Saint, he should be more focused in enlightening the people with his knowledge and serving the Humanity. I am not at all against rising company Patanjali rather feels happy that there is an Indian company to compete with foreign companies. But what about the manipulations created by a Saints. Swadeshi products could also have been promoted by promoting the already existing Indian companies. Even then also manipulations don’t end here and are easily visible in each of his product

Patanjali Products

Patanjali Ghee – Baba Ramdev claims that he sells Desi (Indian) cow ghee @ Rs. 450 per KG. First of All Baba Ramdev doesn’t have that much of cows (That’s too Desi) to fulfill the requirement of more than 100 crores of Population of India. Secondly, Desi cow Ghee is very difficult to extract as cow milk is lighter in terms of Fat content in its milk. Hence, for 1kg of Ghee one needs at least 25 to 30kg of milk that cost around Rs. 40-50 per liter. Thirdly Cow Ghee is not dark yellow in color as that of Patanjali Ghee. But it just has a light reflection of the yellow shade.

Patanjali Ghee may be the ghee extracted from cow milk with some adulteration but this is absolutely not Indian cow Ghee as they claim. To understand this one needs to understand the difference between Jersey cow, Sahiwal cow, and Desi Cow. Jersey cow bred in the channel of Island of Jersey, is popular for high butterfat content in its milk. Most of the Cow ghee available in the market are extracted from the milk of Jersey cows which does not have medicinal properties as that of Indian cow.

Hence, Patanjali Ghee has nothing done extraordinary but is selling the same product as were already available in Market.

2. Honey

Baba Ramdev sells honey @ Rs. 255 per Kg and people are buying with full faith and trust because it is the product of Baba Ramdev. Just one question how many of the Honey users are aware of his basic properties. First of all, sugar cannot be added in Honey and if anyone does it gets separated on refrigerating it. While trying to mix the pure honey in water, it settles at the bottom of the glass first and then dissolves slowly. On the other hand, Adulterated Honey like that of Patanjali is less viscous and dissolves immediately. Secondly, Honey never solidifies even on keeping it in the refrigerator. This is a very important property and one can easily check the purity. Thirdly As per my knowledge Honey in closed containers can be kept in stable position for decades and even for centuries. Still most of the companies including Patanjali mention expiry date on their Jars. If it is a pure product, company does not need to mention the expiry date except the caution “Keep the Jar closed after use”

3. Noodles and Salt – I do not want to comment anything on the launch time of Patanjali Noodles. But it seems suspicious and a big coincident that Patanjali Noodles launched just when Nestle Maggie was banned in the entire country due to some adulteration. They claim that Patanjali noodles are made of 100% wheat grain flour. But as per my knowledge noodles cannot be made without using some portion of Maida to maintain its stickiness. Launching something to please the kids is appreciable on his part but why manipulation. Instead of saying 100% wheat grains, they could have said maximum wheat grain.

If we talk about salt very few people know that Ayurveda says No to Iodine Salt extracted from Sea Water as it is very harmful and causes issues like Blood pressure, thyroid, and liver problem. Also, it is very hard on circulatory as well as nervous system and causes many problems related to heart, anxiety and depression. It is recommended to uses Sendha Namak (halite) instead of Iodine Salt. It has Medicinal properties like Antacid, Digestive stimulant, Antioxidant etc. It is recommended in many diseases that relate to stomach like acidity, constipation, bloating etc. Also, people suffering from blood pressure and heart-related problems are strongly favored for Sendha Slat (Rock Salt)

This raises the question that when Ayurveda Speaks loud and opposes Iodine Salt then Why Baba Ramdev, who is the symbol of Ayurveda nowadays in India, is selling Iodine Salt instead of Rock salt. There is list of questions that can create controversies against him but we as normal human are not interested in politics. Rather we want him to follow the path of Truth and serve humanity in a true sense. He is knowledgeable and people trust him blindly. This is his moral duty to be the voice of modern India wrapped in our ancient history, Ayurvedic knowledge and show the path of truth and clarity. Being a businessman and run behind the turnovers should not be his cup of tea.

He will be remembered for the transformation he brought in modern India in terms of Yoga. But by taking Ayurveda in wrong direction and befooling his innocent followers, he will also be remembered as a cheater and fraud.

Patanjali products are not the Organic products that mean production without Urea and chemicals. Raw products like Butter for Ghee, Wheat Grains for ata, Honey etc are all purchased from the local markets, then sold under the tag of patanjali after the complete process. They nothing have any of the raw product inhouse. Then what is so special about it that other Indian companies don’t have. How can they ensure the quality of the products selling in market when a simple housewife like me can easily make out the flaws in patanjali Products. My motive is not to target the Patanjali Brand because most of the other companies also do the same as they did. But they befooled the citizens and played with their emotions making full use of a Saint whom people followed blindfolded.

Patanjali for Sure helped up to a great extent in spreading awareness about swadeshi products. But many people after understanding the facts behind the products and their marketing will surely get annoyed. Countrymen wants swadeshi products but with ensured quality. Spending few pennies more doesn’t matter when one already have the limits of purchasing these products.


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    • meenakshibhati profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thanks Neeraj.

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      2 years ago

      Very Impressive


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