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Baby food recipe - pureed bananas

Updated on July 4, 2017

Super easy homemade baby food - pureed bananas

Making your own baby food is easier than you might think. It can be super easy in fact and many babies have a tendency to just love bananas! The key is to keep the baby food, in this case, bananas completely free of added sugar, salt and other additives. Just keep it simple. Puree the baby food by blending it thoroughly and using a strainer in addition. Store the banana baby food in size appropriate containers. At stage 1 (4-6 months), when your baby is just being introduced to foods other than breast milk or formula, he or she can have only approximately 2.5 ounces at a time as a meal.

One tip is to save store bought baby food jars, peel off the labels and sterilize in the hot water of a dishwasher. Use the jars to jar your own baby food and keep refrigerated. The seal on the jar is no longer airtight and you are not using any preservatives so still use up the food within 3 days to be safe.

For pureed bananas, just one very ripe banana can yield 4 2.5oz jars of the baby food. Cut up the banana and place it in the blender with 1 oz of nursery water. Blend well and then strain additionally. Pour the puree into jars. You can serve one fresh at room temperature to baby and save the remaining in the fridge for the upcoming next couple of days.

Bananas are often priced very reasonably in many grocery stores as well. You might see them for as little as 59 cents a pound or even less.


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