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Bacardi Breezer's

Updated on July 17, 2011

Bacardi Breezer

Heres a great way to make a delicious Bacardi Rum Breezer! AHH just the sound of that is delightfull, This is a great drink to enjoy in the late summer afternoons, around the grill, with some friends! Much like you would grab an iced tea! The best part of enjoying a Bacardi Breezer in the afternoon is that just like the name inplies, the drink is a breeze. This drink is called a breezer for two reasons, 1 is because of its refreshing taste and the deep sigh one gets just after the first sip 2 the drink is actually called a breeze because of how simply made it is! There are several ways to make a fresh Bacardi Breezer, we are going to go over my personal favorite home made breezer recipe

3 shots Bacardi Rum

3 shots club soda

Fill glass with any of your favorite Fruit Juice, and ice!

this is simple and delicious, I use White Grape Juice and its absolutely to die for! A true Breeze, and a wonderfull way to enjoy the day!

Bacardi Breezer

You could also, purchase Bacardi premade breezers, which are very good themselves, you can get a six pack of these bad boys in the ball park of $6-$9 USD. The upshot of buying them already made is, they come in plenty of flavors, and you dont have to try to mix drinks with a buzz! Theyre pre bottled and ready to grab. Take them with you to the camp fire, the race, the pool, basically anywhere there are spirits. This drink is technically considered a mix drink but is often reffered to as a Malt Liquor, because of the way its sold! But trust me, Make one with my recipe, and there will be no doubt about it! Its a mix drink, and one to be respected!


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      gita 5 years ago

      oh for a bottle of chilled breezer i wld go miles