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How To Cook Whitetail Deer Backstraps & Tenderloins (Venison)

Updated on January 23, 2012
White Tailed Buck
White Tailed Buck | Source
Tenderloin | Source

There are many ways to make deer venison, but I truly believe i've perfected it with this recipe. There's no game taste from the meat which makes the meat very good. As long as you like garlic and vinegar, you'll like this recipe.

Cutting & Seasoning The Meat:
The meat used in this recipe are the backstraps and tenderloins.
Start by cleaning off all of the fat and unwanted meat from both cuts.
Next, slice the meat (from top to bottom) into thin pieces. Cut all meat up before seasoning.
Next you will season the meat on both sides with salt, pepper, and garlic that order!

Frying the Meat:
Now that you have cut and seasoned the meat, it's time to cook it!
Start by warming up a pan on med-high heat (around 6 or 7 if you have numbers on your knobs).
Melt either butter or crisco (I like the butter better) in the pan and place the meat down, enough to fill the pan.
Finally, dump just a splash of vinegar in pan and cover immediately as to keep the vinegar vapors inside the pan.
Fry to desired amount of "done ness" and enjoy right off the pan!


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