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Bad Take Out Experience

Updated on May 9, 2016

Ron's Original Bar and Grill Takeout Experience

I ordered delivery from Ron's Original Bar and Grill at approx 8:08 pm while working at the YMCA in Lionville, since, well I'm going to be honest, I'm always hungry, (and yes, I already had dinner before my shift began at 6 pm).

I ordered spicy shrimp with sausage over penne pasta ($18), with a side garden salad ($2), and extra hot buffalo chicken wings ($10.95).

50 minutes later, this is what they gave me (see photo below).

First, had I known it was going to take that long, I would have told them to forget it (especially since I'm used to "normal" restaurants letting me know if delivery is going to take longer than 30 minutes). Secondly, by the time food did arrive, the poor delivery boy could tell I was hangry. When I took out the food to make sure they got my order right, I noticed right away that everything had "STINGY" written all over it.

I looked at the delivery guy (who couldn't have been any older than 18 years old), I could tell he knew I was upset. Before I even opened my mouth to speak, he took two steps back, as if he could see the red rising up from my neck to hairline, like a ticking time bomb. I could feel the hot steam starting to fume out of my ears but I managed to keep myself calm.

My immediate first thought was, Buca di Beppo serves 7x more this size and they're a little more generous with the sauce. Furthermore, I didn't know there was even a such thing as brown garlic powder for the garlic bread, that arrived tightly wrapped in tin foil. (Of course it could have been due to the bread burning in an oven - it was disgusting.) The wings were dry and gross, I couldn't even tell the difference if the wings were cooked in my mom's frying pan or in an actual restaurant - they were really dry and didn't even have any hot sauce on them but was more like red grease buttered on.

At this point, I pretty much got the gist that Ron's Original Bar and Grill seemed to have a thing about holding back on the sauce. Speaking of sauce, I asked the delivery guy where my blue cheese was for my wings and celery.

The poor young man remained speechless. You would think I was raising my voice and cursing the guy out while pointing a gun at him with the way he put his arms up. All I did was ask him where the sauce was.

However, I could tell even he, could guess the reasons why my face was burning extra hot red for the lack of extra hot sauce on the wings, the absence of blue cheese and the three drops of marinara that was graciously poured over my one cup of penne pasta with shrimp and sausage.

I mean really.. and I'm angry that the only thing I am able to do to vent this extreme sense of injustice against my hunger and my wallet, is to write and warn the rest of the world, "DON'T ORDER TAKEOUT FROM HERE!"

I know I will NEVER order food from Ron's Original Bar and Grill again!!!

Spicy shrimp with sausage marinara over penne, side salad and extra hot buffalo chicken wings

Photo of my takeout food from Ron's Original Bar and Grill as soon as it arrived.
Photo of my takeout food from Ron's Original Bar and Grill as soon as it arrived. | Source


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