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Bake a Cake to Celebrate America

Updated on April 25, 2014

Stars & Stripes

  • There's thirteen stripes starting with red; They alternate red, white, red, white.
  • The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies.
  • There are fifty stars representing the fifty original states.
  • The blue behind the stars represents the sky.

Old Glory

My family loves cake! When there's a special holiday to celebrate that just gives us another good reason to bake! Baking a themed cake tops off the holiday for us. We not only bake for holidays though. You'll find a fresh baked cake in our home just about every day of the year.

One of our absolute favorites is the American Flag made to specification! This is where your kids can really pitch in! Baking the cake turns into a history lesson at the same time. It's really a lot of fun. Even the adults join in!

The American Flag is such an important symbol of freedom and glory, but not everyone can remember what it looks like when it comes right down to the stars and stripes of it. The dimensions are negotiable, depending on what size cake you are baking. But what about the important details of the American Flag? Can you remember the exact details if you were baking a cake designed after Old Glory?

Add candle sparklers for fun!
Add candle sparklers for fun! | Source


There are candles that have a sparkle to them at the bake shops. Try some on this cake! Very festive!

Let's Get Baking!

Now that we've refreshed our American flag memory let's get baking.

When I bake the cake for the American flag Design I usually make two out of it simply because someone almost always wishes they had one, so I have a spare on hand. Otherwise I will set the table with one at each end for easy serving and it's a pretty decoration.

Before we begin make sure you have the following in your baking cabinet:

  • Food Dye (red and blue)
  • 9 x 13" baking dish
  • Cake mix (any flavor will do; chocolate, white, strawberry, yellow, etc.)
  • Piping tools (I use a sandwich bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner)
  • White frosting (either store bought or homemade)

Measure | Source
Mark | Source
Red stripes all the way down the side.
Red stripes all the way down the side. | Source
  1. Bake the cake according to the directions. Allow time to cool.
  2. Invert cake onto your hands and then again onto a serving plate.
  3. Measure the length of the cake and cut in half.

Measure the height for the thirteen stripes to fit properly.

Using a knife score the cake gently so you can see where your lines are going to go. The first seven stripes extend fromt the right side just past the center of the cake and the last of the seven should be level with the bottom of the blue square section.

The color pattern starts with red and ends with red. Using about one cup of frosting add approximately thirty red drops. I put the frosting in a plastic resealable sandwich bag and then add the drops to that. Then I seal the bag and squish it around until it's mixed well. You can also use cake piping that does the same thing, but you'll probably have more accurate lines with a cake piper than the resealable sandwich bag. After the frosting is the red that you want, cut a tiny hole in the lower corner of the bag.

Starting with red at the top evenly sweep across the top of the cake staying within the lines you created. Do all the red stripes at one time. Don't forget to make your line go over the edge and down the sides.

Now put your white frosting in a resealable lunch bag, or a frosting spray in white or the piping tool, and sweep across the cake where the white lines go. Making sure to go over the edge and down the sides.

Now mix your blue frosting and use your tool of choice to fill the blue square with blue and down the sides too.

Fifty Stars

Applying the stars on the blue background can prove to be tricky. The pattern goes like this:

1st Row: 6 stars

2nd Row: 5 stars

3rd Row: 6 stars

4th Row: 5 stars

5th Row: 6 stars

6th Row: 5 stars

7th Row: 6 stars

8th Row: 5 stars

9th Row: 6 stars

So it starts with six stars and ends with six stars.

Finishing Touch

I leave the stripes standing as they are, with the slight gap between. I think it looks better than when I smear them together it starts to look sloppy. It depends on your personal preference. With a chocolate cake, if you leave them laid out, it keeps a neat look to it.

Once you have your stars in place, you can add sprinkles if you want. I really enjoy placing a few of the sparkly, long type of candles on it. It really makes it festive when you light each cake when dinner is served its really cool!



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  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 5 years ago from Valley Springs

    Lol, my nine year old counted the stars! She keeps me in line! :)

  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 5 years ago from Valley Springs

    Thank you Sushma. I gave one to my neighbor and he didn't want to cut it because it was so pretty, lol. I cut it for him! Yummy too.

  • Phil Plasma profile image

    Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

    I didn't count the stars, but yes, the cake looks really good. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sushma Webber profile image

    Sushma Webber 5 years ago from New Zealand

    Wow! Great looking cake!

  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 5 years ago from Valley Springs

    Thanks Kelleyward. The cakes look really cool at summer barbeque's. I set a cake at both ends of the picnic table with those really long candles that give off a lil sparkle place on them. It's a signal that it's time to eat and it looks neat.

  • profile image

    kelleyward 5 years ago

    Love it! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could bake cakes! Voted up,Kelley