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Baked Chicken With Oyster Dressing

Updated on January 1, 2008

A Great Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken
Baked Chicken

Wonderful New Orleans Style Baked Chicken With Oyster Dressing

To a tablesppon of boiling butter add one minced onion, a good pinch of rosemary, the same of thyme, and one small minced red pepper. When these are browned, add one cup of oyster juice. Let all simmer five minutes, and then add two cups of boiled rice and one cup of minced lean of ham. Brown a little and then add two dozen chopped oysters. Stir until it all becomes quite brown, remove from saucepan, and stuff the fowl. Under each pinion and between each thigh and the body lay a thin slice of bacon. Tie down the drum-bone knuckles and fasten the wings, dust the bird with flour, and lay some thin slices of bacon over the breast. Lay the bird in a roasting pan, and use two teacups of tomato juice and one of oyster juice to baster with. Add the giblets boiled tender and chopped to the gravy formed in the pan. Bake one hour, basting often.

Enjoy wonderful baked chicken with osyster dressing!

Baked Chicken And Kale

Another New Orleans Recipe (Above Video)

A Louisiana native shows you how to make baked chicken and kale in this episode of Hellmann's In Search of Real Food series.


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