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Bakery ingredients and raw material

Updated on March 16, 2011

bakery raw material

Bakery manufacturers or owners of small bakeries andbakers must have knowledge of ingredients used for bakery products .Properties of these raw materials are distinct and quantity to be used are critical for good and tasty product.


FLOUR; Flour is the major ingredient for any bakery product .Wheat flour special characteristic like gluten makes it most suitable for bakery product.

gluten is protien like substance which provides network like structure.Its other properties are extensibility and resistance . Moisture content of flour should be less than 10 %

SUGAR : Sugar provides sweetness to the product and also act as preservative.sugar can be used in crystal as well as grounded form .Sugar grinding helps to break sugar crystal into powder form . Sugar solution has gained popularity in usage .sugar solution ( invert sugar)has advantage as it gets easily mixed with in the dough .sugar also providess color to the product

FAT: Fats main function in the bakery product is to retain moisture in the product . Categories of fat used in bakery are hydrogenated vegetable oil,

refined ground nut oil , sunflower oil , coconut oil , palmoil , palmkerneloil.


Increases the shelf life as it prevents oxidation of fat /sugar as well it protects bakery product from microbial infestation.

Apart from sugar ,abscorbic , citric acid , tbhq ,salt .Major preservatives are calcium propianate and acetic acid .


Emulsifiers are those agents which holds oil and water inside the dough/batter to retain mositure in the batter /dough and give softening effect.

GMS : glycol monostrate emulsion ,Potassium Bromate


These agents provides puffiness to bakery products as these chemical or iingredients relases gas which then lifts the dough which creates spaces within the dough structure.

yeast , egg , ammonium bicarbonate , sodium bicarbonate

IMPROVERS : Improvers are those chemical agents which affects taste and texture . Various improvers available in the market .


Colors are added to the products to give product a matching color with flavour like cream , strawberry and vanilla







whey powder

skimmed milk powder



nuts , fruits , cashew , pistaccheu , chocochips , coconut powder ,cherries,figs,chives,dates

For more detail

bakery ingredients
bakery ingredients


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    • profile image

      Abdul 3 years ago

      Thanks for the information,am looking baker who can manage my small bakery.some interest to work with in Tanzania


    • profile image

      charlotte 3 years ago

      thak you for this information now my assingment was answer

    • profile image

      Khushbu 4 years ago


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    • profile image

      tamru yihun 5 years ago

      thank you it is very interesting i got basic things for my work

    • profile image

      manoj 5 years ago

      plz type functions of ingrediants in brief