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Baking Bread In Only 5 Minutes A Day Is Easy

Updated on November 2, 2015

Easy And Quick To Make Without Kneading!

I'm not a baker, not by trade and not by passion. I'm not even one by necessity. I’ve never baked bread in my life before. so for me the idea of making bread was up there with something akin to rocket science.

Yet I’ve just made my first bread from scratch with only 4 ingredients: flour, yeast, salt and water. Without kneading. In only 5 minutes. I kid you not.

It all started when I was looking on Youtube at recipes for making crepes. Somehow I glanced to the right, to the list of similar videos, and I saw one video that promised us to make a bread that literally anyone can do, in only 5 minutes.

I got curious and watched. And I jumped over to their website, watched some more videos, read some posts, and next thing I know I was clicking on the Buy button at Amazon to get the book called The New Artisan Bread In Five Minutes.

While waiting for the book to arrive, I checked even more videos on Youtube on this new, modern way of making bread, the 'artisan way'. I was impressed, to say the least, but would the book - and my culinary skills live up to their expectations?


Tools Used

As soon as the book arrived, I went out to buy the tools and ingredients needed. Now, if you’re already baking bread or at least pizza, or if you’re baking cakes and other yummie goodies, then you will probably already have some of the tools below. However as I mentioned above, I’m a newbie baker with no tools and utensils under my belt at all.

So this is what I bought:

  • A kitchen oven thermometer since I have no idea how much heat my oven actually takes
  • A baking stone to place the bread on it when baking. I could have also used an unglazed ceramic tile, but I really wanted to get it right the first time around with the food grade utensils.
  • A pizza peel to put the bread in the oven and take it out with ease
  • A kitchen scale for measuring the ingredients (I have to admit, I never had a kitchen scale before), I bought the Salter brand because it’s aquatronic (and uses both with grams and with liquid as well).


With this recipe you can also make gluten free bread. All you need is a different type of flour!

Short List Of Ingredients

- One spoon of salt

- One spoon of yeast

- One cup of flour

- One cup of water

Instructions To Make The Artisan Bread

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl for a few minutes

2. Leave it to set for about two hours to rise

3. Place the dough in the fridge

4. Lightly butter the pizza peel

5. Take out a grapefruit sized piece from the dough and place the rest back in the fridge

6. Add a bit of flower to the dough and work it lightly into a ball (still no kneading!)

7. Place it onto the pizza peel

8. Preheat the oven to 425 fahrenheit (220 centigrade) with the baking stone in it

9. After 40-45 minutes place the round dough from the pizza peel to the baking stone in the oven

10. Add a bit of hot water to the metal cup below to get steam going in the oven

11. Bake it at 230 C (450 F)

Hubby came home in the evening and we ate the entire small bread during dinner.

I was, of course, worried that he won’t like my bread: he loved it!

My Comments On Baking The Artisan Bread

Having read through the main recipe in the book, I put everything together in a big plastic Tupperware bowl (the book recommends a plastic bucket, but since the bowl suited me just well, I didn’t need to buy anything else for it), and started mixing it lightly without any serious kneading.

I was initially expecting some extra work, but I was surprised to learn that all I needed to do is simply mix everything together: the one spoon of salt, the spoon of yeast, the cups of flower and the water. I was afraid I’d get lumps from the flower, but it didn’t happen.

When the bread was in the oven for about 42 minutes, I opened the oven with trepidation. The moment of truth has arrived!

I was literally shocked to see a nice browned bread, still sizzling and so crispy to the touch. I wanted so much to cut the first piece, but the book advised to leave the bread to cool first. It took some strong willpower, but finally after about one hour of waiting, I dug in: I cut the first loaf.

And I almost fainted from pleasure. I kid you not! The bread was nice crispy on the outside, but so fresh and yummie on the inside, soft, well done and tasty! I was afraid maybe I put too little salt, too much flower, too little this, too much of that…

But it turned out just perfect!

In the meantime I’ve made a second bread from the same dough (which can stay for up to 14 days in the fridge), and there is dough for two more breads. Once I’ve finished this, I’ll experiment with different other flours and will try other recipes. From only this book I can do recipes for years and not finish the book.

I love my new bread and I love the fact that I can bake a bread with just a few minutes of my time (2-3 a day once the dough is already prepared in the fridge), with the rest of the time doing anything else while the bread is baking in the oven. And oh the smell of fresh bread that comes from the oven! Pure heaven!

If you’re afraid to bake bread, or if you’re not baking because it seems to take too long for a single bread, give this recipe and book a try. If I can do it, anyone can!

And what's best: you can even make gluten free bread in only 5 minutes a day!

You Can Even Make Gluten-Free Bread in Five Minutes a Day


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      This sounds delicious, especially if you almost fainted from it! I must try!


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